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June 22, 2020
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Bra Sizes And Styles - How To Know The Right Bra For You

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Women, most of the times are rarely aware of changes in their bra size and end up wearing wrong sizes. Body changes due to certain factors such as water retention or aging can very quickly change bra sizes significantly while being unnoticed at the same moment for the individual wearing a bra. The following content will give you some basic guidance on measuring your bra size so that you can find the right fit for yourself.

Sales personnel can help you measure your size properly but incase you are shopping through a magazine then you need to measure your size on your own.

Are you wearing the right bra size?

If your band is tight or your back straps slip up then it means your cups are small. If your band is tighter than being comfortable then your current band size is larger than the bra band that you are wearing.
Your cups should not have empty space in them. If they do then you need a smaller cup size. If you feel that your current cups are too tight then you need a different bra.

If your bras underwire presses in too deeply then you need to get larger cups. This may also happen when the bra's side wings are smaller than what they should be.

Measuring correctly

The main measurements that you will need are full bust, upper bust and under bust.

Under bust: take measurements from beneath your bust. Hold your measuring tape in position beneath the bust and make sure it isn't too tight.

Upper bust: place the measuring tape under your arms but over your bust.

Full bust: measure from where you feel your breast is fullest.

Now subtract both measurements from each other and see what the figure you get is. If you get a figure more than 2" then your band size is calculated by adding 2 or 3 inches to this measurement and getting an even figure. If the difference turns out to be lesser than 2" then it is your band size.

Subtracting the figure you get out of measuring your full bust from that of the upper bust is what determines your cup size. Here are the sizes you should use as your readings:

AA= under 1"

Styles of bras

Bras come in a variety of shapes and designs. So make sure you wear them to see if they fit your body shape and type. Not every convertible bra is meant for everyone. Choose what goes with your shape.
Full coverage bras cover the breast completely and give added support.

Demi cup bras only give 75 % coverage to the bust. These kinds of bras enhance cleavage appearance but you need to see that they don't cut your bust from the center and make them appear bulging out of a wrong size. If so, then buy larger cups.

Underwire bras give extra support and roundness.

Halter Top bras: these have a strap that goes around the neck unlike regular bras that have shoulder straps. These can be worn to enhance cleavage and with halter tops.

Backless bras: these bras are meant for dresses with low backs and they, at times, only cover the front or have extremely low back straps.

Strapless: These bras just come with a band and no straps. They stay in position by extending a little lower than a regular bra and this gives extra support.

Padded bras: these enhance cleavage and make the breasts appear larger than what they are. The pads can be made of gel, foam or bra fabric and at times the pads can be removed. Gel padding are gaining a lot of popularity as they appear more close to natural shape.

Decollete For deeper neck lines these bras are perfect as they have smaller cuts than demi bras and don't show from inside of a deep cut neckline.

Light support: these are without an underwire and can be worn all day. For a breast size that's larger than cup A shouldn't use this style of bras. A bra that fits properly will be comfortable with or without underwire.

Sports bra: these control breast bounce during a sport session and activity. Though some inexpensive bras do this by squeezing the breast tightly into place but comfortable sports bras are those that do this according to cup sizes. They fit the body and hold the breast snugly into position rather than squeezing them.

Nursing bras: nursing mothers need added support for their breasts and so these bras provide complete coverage. They have a snap at the shoulder which makes it easier for the mother to take it off when she has to nurse.

Once you know your size you can buy a sexy bra confidently. Next time you go out for an occasion you will know you look just as good from the inside.


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