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June 2, 2020
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Basic Self-Defense for Women

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Women are not safe even when they are at home. Unfortunately they often become targets of abuse and violence. Learning how to avoid risky situations and some self-defense tricks can save your life.

Avoiding risky situations in your day to day life is not that difficult. There are a few things to learn and follow every time you are out. First of all try to be among other people waiting for your bus or walking to your work place move along other people and stay where other people can see you. Be alert at all times and pay attention to the people who surround you. If someone is preparing to attack you he will be closely following you and will be watching you much more than a regular person would. If you are using public transport do not sit next to the window but choose a seat next to an aisle or near the driver. If you are driving always keep the doors locked and the windows closed.

If someone attacks you try to stay calm and don't panic. First of all decide if you will run or will defend yourself. If it is possible to run away do so. If there is no one around though or if your chances to run before you are caught are small it is better not to try at all but get prepared for the attack. The next thing is to attract attention even if there is no one around. First of all someone may hear you and come to help and second of all this way you are scaring the attacker as being caught is his greatest fear. Try to hit him your hands, elbows, knees and teeth all your weapons. Don't try to punch your attacker try to grab soft flesh instead from the areas under his arms or inner tights. Aim at his throat or groin with your elbows and use your knees to kick him between his legs. Even if you are not able to wound him badly you will cause him a lot of pain that will give you time to run away.

Although these are the basics of women self-defense, it is recommended to attend a self-defense course. Professionals will teach you to some specific tricks that can be of a great help in risky situations. Most of all such a course will teach you how to be confident and keep your mind clear if something like this happens.


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