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April 27, 2020
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Are You Currently Suffering Foot Discomfort? It Could Be Foot Neuromas

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Many people are unaware to what is a neuroma? It can be best described as a thickening or swelling of a nerve in your body. There are different types of neuromas but the one that is in ones foot, is called a special name of Morton's neuroma, after Dr. Morton, who first described the condition back 1876.

This type of neuroma is usually located in the base of the third and forth toes, near the ball of the foot. They can be very excruciating in pain and if they are not treated, they can lead to permanent nerve damage within the foot. It is a wise choice of one, who is suffering from a Morton's neuroma, that they consult a foot specialist, which could be a podiatrist or an orthopedist, for the further evaluation of their foot condition.

The symptoms that are most common in people, usually between the ages of 40-50 years, are tingling in the toes, numbness in the toes or the ball of the foot, and even pain in the ball of the foot. There have been some individuals that say that it feels like they are walking on a rock. At times, the neuroma, can make it difficult to walk. Most symptoms start out gradually and do tend to increase and continue to get progressively worse over time.

Causes of Neuromas

The neuroma can be caused by irritated nerves in the foot, one of the biggest culprits can be wearing narrow shoes with tapered toes and high heels, as some women are prone to these days, with all the high fashions. Having unstable footing is another cause, whether it is wearing shoes that do not support the foot enough or by just walking on surfaces, like uneven paved surfaces or cobblestones. If one increases their activity, such as the pursuit of running and even walking can cause neuromas, due to the repetitiveness of the impact, of foot meeting the ground. Lastly, people who hereditarily, suffer from bunions and hammertoes, seem to have a more susceptibility to neuromas, in general.

How To Treat A Neuroma

Simply put, one of the easiest method to treat a neuroma, would be to change your footwear. A good gel padding in the shoe, can help in reducing the actual activity that causes the neuroma, in the first place. There are so many foot inserts these days, due to the high amount of people performing their careers on their feet. Many pharmacy's and even Walmarts, carry a plethora of foot items, directly for the usage of the average person's foot problems.

However, one must not rule out visiting the podiatrist or orthopedist, who can prescribe, carefully constructed orthodontics. Injection therapy, has been known to be another great alternative, in some of the most severe cases, as well as, surgery, when all other methods seem to fail.

One of the best advices, one could give, is if a neuroma, may be troubling you, please seek help from a professional, who can carefully diagnose the symptoms, and offer you a good plan for treatment. No one likes annoying foot problems, and sometimes it can be as easy as changing your shoes.


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