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May 1, 2020
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Book Review: Women With Super Powers

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When Elton John sang, "The Bitch is Back" he certainly couldn't have been privy to the "Bitch in Black" that Keith Kornell would bring to life more than 35 years later. Had he known, he wouldn't have made such ado about nothing, for Kornell's character in his novel, Super Born: Seduction of Being, is fierce. She was fierce well before her exposure to the "Epsilon Radiation" that will not only change Scranton, PA forever, but super-size her sexual fervor.

In this in-your-face extravaganza of hard-nosed, tough talking reportage, the reader sees what a "Bitch in Black" can become given no small quantity of radiation exposure, and superpowers. Yes, superpowers. A super-powered single mother who must decide how to disguise, yet utilize, her newfound powers runs us through this Kornell romp with aplomb. Did I mention superpowers?

All nickels have two sides, and on the other side of this Geiger Counter offending coin is the radiation's effect on the men folk. One could argue, and many women would still argue, that men couldn't become any more dim-witted, more full of folly, or just dumber, they would be wrong. Look it's happening to me.

O'Malley's sounds like my kind of refreshment center with its cheap beer, recently empowered women, and the anchor to Kornell's story. This pub, frequented by our narrator, presents nothing less than a perfect backdrop to the biting dialogue and raucous ramblings borne from this flunky newsman.

The dialogue is wonderful, the stream-of-consciousness observations by Seduction of Being's quirky narration, welcome. It's as though James Joyce discovered Quaaludes before "Finnegan's Wake." While not for the faint of heart nor the easily offended, this is a must read for those who have ever bit their tongues rather than let them fly. Oh, did I mention superpowers? A gripping, compelling, roller-coaster read!


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