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06 Mar 20
Copyright (c) 2012 SnowAndSince we all are different, our decision to buy snowboards depends a lot on which size to buy. Therefore, you have to choose a snowboard size that suits you. Passionate snowboarders are also confused about how to choose an appropriate snowboard size.

While a lot of people place emphasis on losing weight, you dont see much as much press about waist size.

28 Mar 20

Acne is common skin disorder which resulting from hormones on the skin's sebaceous glands. The best treatment is the one that cures the condition.

09 Apr 20

When Elton John sang, "The Bitch is Back" he certainly couldn't have been privy to the "Bitch in Black" that Keith Kornell would bring to life more than 35 years later.

01 May 20

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07 Jun 20
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Breast Augmentation: 5 Things to Know Before Choosing It
Surgery has become so common place in our society over the past decade that most women think nothing of going in for a little cosmetic work that once would have been a big deal.
18 Jul 20
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Choosing A Mothers Day Bouquet
Shopping for Mothers Day can prove to be somewhat of a difficult task, especially if your mom has "everything", and you are always at a loss as to what to buy. Because your mom is very special, you want to choose just the right gift, and not one that you've given oh so many times before.
10 Aug 20
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An Introduction to Archery Target Shooting
Archery is a sport that involves shooting arrows at a target. The closer you shoot the arrow to the center of the targets, the more your score will be. The scored targets of each player are added and the person with the highest total is declared as the winner.
20 Aug 20
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Fitness wear for women isn't just about plain bodysuits and gray yoga pants anymore
Today's fitness wear for women is about more than the brightly coloured yoga pants and bodysuits that simply blend in. Today's fitness wear for women is about sophistication and meeting women's needs. No longer is fitness wear for women strictly for comfort.
24 Aug 20
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Get Fit With Racquetball
Racquetball is an ideal combination of exercise and enjoyment. It provides great workout by helping increase stamina, lower body fat level, improve muscle tone and burn about 700 calories from the body. Racquetball has become one of the most strenuous cardiovascular workouts available at present.
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22 Jun 20
Women, most of the times are rarely aware of changes in their bra size and end up wearing wrong sizes. Body changes due to certain factors such as water retention or aging can very quickly change bra sizes significantly while being unnoticed at the same moment for the individual wearing a bra.
07 Jul 20
Life-threatening malignancies in one or both breasts is termed as breast cancer. Breast cancer can be both noninvasive, the one that does not spread and invasive which has high chances of spreading. Ductal carcinoma and Lobular carcinoma are both noninvasive, if left untreated it can develop in to invasive.
16 Oct 20
If you'd like to give someone special a gift she'll love for a lifetime, a charm bracelet is an excellent choice. Charm bracelets are unlike almost every other jewelry item because they are personalized over a lifetime. Charms may be added to mark special occasions or accomplishments throughout the years, and there's no shortage of beautiful charms to adorn these bracelets.
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06 Jul 20
What do Hollywood celebrities Reese Witherspoon, Sienna Miller, Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson, and Kourtney Kardashian have in common besides glamour and beauty? They are all celebrating their pregnancy with fashion and flair. Their growing bellies haven't stopped them from being the women of style that they are.
29 Sep 20
The secret behind the six packs and perfectly toned bodies that you see around in men is weight training. And that is the biggest reason why most women shy away from weight training assuming that weights will give them biceps and muscles that they do not want.
01 Nov 20
There are shoes and helmets and clothing and other accessories specific for every sport and a great amount of research and thought has gone into designing each and every item. If you look at the variety of shoes around you, you will surely be amazed. Some years ago you may have used the same shoe to run, walk, cycle or play but today there are specific shoes for each activity.
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