New Moon Sisterhood

The New Moon Sisterhood

Welcome dear woman. I am so excited you want to join our movement to inspire women across the globe to take a personal care day during the dark contemplative energy of the new moon!  A return to self love, spiritual renewal and sisterhood.

Every month at the new moon we gather  for self care, sacred movement and earth centered ritual sisterhood. Upholding an ancient cross cultural practice of gathering as women to tend to ourselves and set new intentions for our lives and the planet. This is a time to relax, replenish, discover and renew intentions.

New Moon  2016  
We will be changing our format this year. 
We will be gathering with a closed group of committed women for 3 months at a time. 
With an open door ceremony in the months in between. 

All women are welcomed to sign up for the closed groups and to come for the open groups in March and July and November.

Facilitated by the Ixeeya and the Womens Tent Leadership Team.
AT Private Location to be announced upon registration.

March 2016  RED TENT 
Opening our Season: Blood Mysteries Ceremony
50% will go to create a scholarship fund for women needing healing in our community.

April -
- May - Mothering ourselves
- June- Pleasure and Play 

July 2 2016 Rewilding: Earth Dance New Moon 

August 2 - Power of woman

September - 
-Sept. 1 Wise Woman Council 
- Sept 30 Harvest Ritual 

October- 27  - Grief and Praise Ritual 
November 29 2016-  Winter Womb Initiation Open to all women ( PreRegistration Required) 
December 28 2016  - Sacred Union Initiation , Co-Ed New Moon Ceremony 

*To be part of the new moon team or to apprentice with Ixeeya privately during this new moon year in womens leadership and healing arts contact Ixeeya with your interest. 

 Womens Tent presents: 

1 Year Red Tent Apprenticeship Program 

A traditional training program held in the ways of earth centered healing and womens culture. 
Spiritual Midwifery, Circle Technology and Community Ceremonial Leadership.

$ 2000 

Begins in September 
1 week training
Seasonal teachings
Private Sessions with Ixeeya
Closing Threshold Crossing Ceremony

- Hone your priestess skills and ceremonial maps.

- Learn to deepen your feeling senses of group energy and trauma fields. 

- Grow your capacity to work in partnership with spiritual energy and create safe containers.

- Receive support in energy hygiene and self care as a guide and group leader. 

- Moon Cycles, Seasonal Themes and Rituals

- Womens Practice to open the heart and body. ( asana, dance, womb healing, song, partnering) 

- Shamanic Earth Centered Healing practices  - Council Techniques
- Somatic Resourcing emotions
- Blood mysterys and Life Cycles
- Special Needs of womanhood when crisis enters the circle
- Conflict Resolution
- Support and grow the Global Culture of New Mooning. 

This program is being offered to seasoned women who have had experience with personal growth and know their own personal emotional terrain. Each woman will be considered based on previous work with Ixeeya Lin and her life experience with her body, her cycles and participation in womens circles and rituals. 

This is not the door way into our womens culture. If you are inspired by this program and have not experience womens practices, circles or rituals before please start with our other programs first... WOMB Dance,  Monthly New Moons and Pelvic Peace and Power or our Annual Womens Dance Retreats or On line programs ! 

Click Here to apply


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.