WOMB Dance Hawaii Feb 21-26

Prepare for your spirit quest with  

WOMB Dance online coaching sessions.

SPECIAL intro. Package: 
Package of 3: 1hr each for total $ 300
a $ 450 value
With the intro package you also will get access to womb dance videos on meditation and guided healing practices. 

2018 Womens Hawaii Spirit 

Quest Journey 

A 5 day Neo-Shamanic W.O.M.B. Dance practice 
on the island of Molokai. 

A Wild Divine Initiation 
Intimate Hawaii Retreat for 6-13 women

February 21 - 26th 2018

Held in an exquisite Home Residence on Molokai, Hawaii 

5 days of living in the shamanic temple of wild divine feminine practice together.

An intimate sensual journey home to yourself, your sacred  feminine, the wild earth, your divine nature and primal intelligence.

For women

  • Going through any major life transition such as a divorce, career change, or empty nest and wanting to go deeper into yourself.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the pace of modern life and need some personal downtime to discover who you are again.
  • Feeling spiritually stuck in your life, so that it’s time for some fresh perspectives and new ideas to re-awaken your soul and body.
  • Who are looking for the next step in their personal growth and widening their perspective of what is going on "Here"
  • Seeking inspiration from other women and the earth.
  • Feeling out of Sorts, Not Aligned, Unbalanced, Disconnected, Discontent
  • Ready to break free of goal orientation and explore new perceptions of sexuality, pleasure and power as earth centered shamanic art. 

Neo-shamanism believes we all have healing power within us if we learn to unfold it and be in communion with the planet. I will teach you skills to create an ecstatic spiritual connection to Nature and to the depths of yourself without substances. These techniques are timeless and proven … when you are ready to face your yourself.

This is not a tourist experience. 

Womb Dance Shamanic Retreats are about going deeper within yourself and looking at the larger purpose of life and your place in it. 

This is an embodiment journey. You will learn how to live from your womb wisdom and sexual power and how to be in ecstatic harmony with the earth as your lover. 

A process that brings deeper power, pleasure and peace to you as you release the blocks keeping you from this great personal freedom of truly knowing and loving yourself.

A retreat and an initiation. With plenty of elemental feel good during our 5 days together! 

This is a personal quest with your yourself and the elements nurtured and supported by a circle of women. 

 But if your anything like me nothing brings you more peace and pleasure then discovering the deepest union with your body and the earth. 

Unleash the shame that holds you back from being the woman you long to be.

A sacred journey with the healing power of land, water, fire and flesh on one of the most remote islands of Hawaii, Molokai.

- Private Intro Shamanic Womb Blessing healing session with Ixeeya
- Morning Movement meditation and yoga
- Elemental Massage
- Shamanic tantric yoga; Learn eco sensual yoga practices to open and heal your body. 
- Womb Dance practices with the elements
- Shamanic Journeying meditations
- Shamanic teachings and personal questing
- Potent Women's Sharing Ritual Circles
- Shamanic Ecstatic Dance
- Connections with the whales
- Jungle Water fall hikes
- Beach, lava rock and sea cliff dances
- Initiation Rituals
- 3 Vital Prepared meals a day

An authentic reunion with your body and the earth.

- You have worked with or interviewed with  Ixeeya before.

- You have heard of shamanism and at least dabbled in journeying before.

- You have respect for the earth.

- You have some experience with therapy and or personal growth practice.

Pricing : 

We are in a home together with a variety of sleeping arrangements and pricing options, all pricing includes 3 meals a day, snacks, daily instruction, evening rituals, use of the salt water pool, beverages :

 1 or 2 - $2150 : Private suite with king bed (can be shared)
In the case of sharing this bed and room it would be $1490 each

1 or 2 -$1875 : Private King bed room ( if shared $1225 each )

2 - $1500:  Share space with lil kitchen: 1 Double bed Room $1500 :  1 Airbed $1400

1- $1625: Private Double

1- $1500: Private Tiny twin room away from house, with bath and shower

1- $1375: Screened porch twin

2- $1225 Camping.

There are 3 steps to registration because we want to make sure this is good fit for both you and us.

1 - Send an EMAIL to WombDancer@outlook.com with your interest and intention to be considered for the WOMB Dance Quest.

2- SCHEDULE an interview with Ixeeya at :

3 - PAY your down payment to hold your space. $333 is non refundable after 2 weeks.
Before 2 weeks 65% will be returned. PAY to PAYPAL : WOMENSTENTIX@GMAIL.COM
Payment plans are available.

Full Healing Sessions or Council sessions are available with Ixeeya during your Quest week at an extra cost.
$120 an hour.

*Air fare is not included in the price of the retreat.

* We will do our best to guide you with flights and travel preparations.
To start most flights fly through Honolulu or every once in awhile you can get a direct flight to Molokai.

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