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Good News! Goodness Prevails! 

Women Helping Women! 

There is all kinds of goodness happening on the planet with good women initiating service projects.
Some of my most memorable experiences and profound teachings has come from traveling to other countries to meet and grow with women in their community.
Sharing my gifts with them and theirs with me.

Below are a few Projects Womens Tent is supporting. 
We will be getting more uploaded from our amazing heart blooming global community of women making awesome service projects, education and connections happen for women around the world!

This next Month our sisters are traveling to Haiti and Mexico to meet with the women and bring healing support and new resources to their communities.

A dear Womens Tent sister of ours, Arisa LaFond is heading up a Glad Rag, a reusable cloth menstrual pad,  making circle for the women she will be connecting with in Haiti.
I will be joining with the crew in with helping to create the initial prototypes to help the women in Haiti learn to do this themselves to bring sisterhood, sustainable earth loving resources to their community.

This project is dear to my heart. I was asked to go and serve up  womens circling and healing dance and had to decline due to some health issues I am healing. So this is how we can help out from Home!
Add in your love! Its going to be awesome!
We are raising money for fabric and supplies to make these awesome earth friendly products!

Inspired to help young women in Haiti learn about their female bodies 
and come together in the ways of creative sisterhood to support the planet!
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Migrant Camp Herbal Healing Clinic 

A community is gathering to travel to Tijuana to inspire traditional Central American healers
living in the camp to come forward and
continue to provide this service for the migrant

This project will take off from January 31- February 5th.
 Donations go to buying basic supplies for the camp including food and drinking water.
Some of the items most needed are lip balm, foot salve, blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, baby wipes, baby blankets and feminine care products.
All donation need to be in by January 25.

Another service project and woman so very dear to my heart! One of my teachers and mentors from many years ago. Ann Drucker is an amazing loving and kind woman serving so many with her
love of plants and traditional Maya Healing.
Another trip I was hopeful to join and kind my place at the home front of support. So since I cant send myself along lets send along bunches of money love!

This is going to be so special and such an inspiration to so many! 
We all deserve support and to be humanity treated. 
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