W.O.M.B. Dance: On Line progam

W.O.M.B. DanceTM

Remember the sacredness of being a woman...

WOMB Dance: Sacred Power Nov. 18 - Jan. 11
8 week On-Line program to help you retrieve lost power and maintain deep meaning and personal power through the holidays. 
$210 for 8, 2 hr weekly video gatherings, power of your feminine anatomy, sacred feminine embodiment practice, rituals, weekly practice themes, worksheets and recipes and playlists.

WOMB Dance: Sacred Power is to support women in reclaiming their sacred power of their body.
To help you see where you give your power away and reclaim this power loss and learn self care practices to maintain healthy boundaries. It is a return to feminine spirituality and fullness. The holiday season is a time of great light. Most women are too busy and run down to commune with this resource. This light has the power to vitalize you through out the whole year if you can come into a receptive presence with it. This is our mission for gathering these 8 weeks.

To register use the link ( Full weekend ( early bird) $210 USD)  below to pay:

WOMB Dance Power Loss Transformation

WOMB Dance is the dance of  remembering the eternal dance of the Divine Feminine that is awakening and growing strength in these times to meet the masculine in sacred union. 

We dance to find balance and union within, with each other, with our planet and the mystery of our universe. 

We dance to come home, to remember and co-create what is possible by releasing emotional blocks sabotaging our deepest longing and a deep rooted sense of self love.

W.O.M.B. Dance.
Ancient and modern ritual dance and meditation practices to help you return home to your sacred center, to awaken to your wild primal intelligence and embody the divine feminine in your own glorious unique authentic way.

Now WOMB Dance is accessible via a 3 part on line series so you can practice at home!


WOMB Dance: Sacred Power

Are you a woman longing to love your body and put an end 

to emotional blocks sabotaging your dream or success?

Join the global sister hood of Womens Tent to reclaim

 confidence and feel good in your body through our core

 curriculum of experiential practices, WOMB Dance. 

"Dancing became my teacher of pleasure and of feminine power. 
Our pleasure, our lasting, reliable pleasure is about our personal love affair with this precious existence and this amazing planet!" - Ixeeya

Your life is the path, Your story a map to the wild divine feminine. 

You have arrived, here.

You must be ready to restore and celebrate your feminine self in new ways!

You must be ready to say yes to who you have been and the possibility of what you are becoming!

You must be ready to meet your yoni and womb as sacred space.

You must be ready to step into your deepest truth and power...

The dance through all of time has been the healing map for women to find vital health, power and sacred sexual pleasure.

If you are called to RECLAIM your body as sacred, your deepest longing as a road map, and your dream worthy of dedicating real time and practice to embody and align with then you are ready for the change in store for you. You are ready for W.O.M.B. Dance.


Dance free of blocks to pleasure, shame, guilt and doubt! 
Yes we can! 

W.O.M.B. Dance TM

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