W.O.M.B. Dance

W.O.M.B. DanceTM

Our next WOMB Dance Journey begins soon

21 Day Global On line Spring WOMB LOVE...

With new practices on location in the Hawaiian Islands.

Womb wisdom channelled from the ancient island mother as

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January 21-22

"Dancing became my teacher of pleasure and of feminine power. 
Our pleasure, our lasting, reliable pleasure is about our personal love affair with this precious existence and this amazing planet!" - Ixeeya

Your life is the path to the divine feminine. 
Your story a map to the wild divine feminine. 

You have arrived, here.

You must be ready to restore and celebrate your feminine self in new ways!
You must be ready to say yes to who you have been and the possibility of what you are becoming!

You must be ready to meet your yoni and womb as sacred space. You must be ready to step into your deepest truth and power...

Allow me to introduce you to W.O.M.B. Dance.
Ancient and modern ritual dance and meditation practices to help you return home to your sacred center, to awaken to your wild primal intelligence and  embody the divine feminine.

You are SHE. And SHE is the sacred dance.

The dance through all of time has been the healing map for women to find vital health, power and sacred sexual pleasure.

This winters theme...
Dancing free of blocks to pleasure, shame, guilt and doubt! 
Yes we can! 

Our Next workshop is just around the corner. 

January 21-22 

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