Healing Dance Institute

"...Behold and live again. 
We have found the secret, 
We have found the way, It is to dance!" 
- Ruth St. Dennis

Healing Dance Institute

Helping you heal and empower 

through movement and ritual. 

Together serving our planet 

through reawakening the sacred dance of 


Cross culturally dance is Sacred. Dance is Healing. Dance brings us home to ourselves. 
Dance brings us together in vital ways. 

I believe when we all awaken to the deep remembering within, 
the feminine can be honored, the earth can be healed and 
the split between masculine and feminine can commune. 

Dance returns us home to the living memory of love where fear dissolves
 and life can express its full truth...

Through radical purification and alignments,
through release and repair, through ritual and intention, dance brings us home. 

I am the founder of the Healing Dance Institute.
Dance has been my healer, my teacher, my lover my friend and my greatest joy. 
A place where we can gather to remember and share in the healing ways of dance. 

My passion is to help you heal and empower through movement and ritual. 

My passion is to serve our planet through reawakening the sacred dance of remembering.

I am here to dance and celebrate with you in these ancient healing ways.

Healing Dance Methods: 

I have gathered a large vocabulary of movement and dance practices from around the globe that I have put into maps and methodology for you to learn and heal in the ways our modern life style needs most. 

- bring vital circulation to your body
- make essential reconnection with the earth
- release trauma from your body
- empower your spiritual self
- awaken bodily intelligence
- empower your story and your voice
- restore the feminine 
- awaken sexual power

A synergy for your body, your emotions, your energy and spirit self. 

A sampling of Healing Dance Methods, Maps and Classes to support your body and healing process through dance and ritual. 

- Body Core Energetics: Dance of the Sacred Symbols 
- Prayer Wheel 
- W.O.M.B. Dance 
- Temple Dance 
- SpandaRupa Shamanic Dances
- Body Bridge 
- Elemental Power Dance
- Bhakti Yin Yoga
- Ritual Dance
- Dance New Earth

Reach out today to empower and deepen your body and your life through dance.

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- Venture out to one of my global retreat collaborations

See you soon!


When I was young I danced with my twin sister and the trees and the waves. 

We gathered in dance classes with our lil ballet slippers, and tap shoes, but the year we did the Can Can dance with the wide gypsy skirts my spirit came to life! 

When I was in College I joined the Dance company. The least experienced dancer, the women took me under their wing and taught me how to fly through the air. Molded into modern and jazz leaps and turns, Meeting new sisters to dance with. Learning the world of performance troupe dancing. 

I dove deep into the roots of yoga and began to awaken to the interconnection of all my parts and all the world .... My dance got more still, my dance was listening. 

In my 20s I branched out of the conventional dance world and into the ancient roots of dance. 

The African and Latin dances danced me free, gave my wild sensual self a place to be.  I shook myself home to the roots, to the earth, to the memory of tribe. 
I learned the healing ways  of dance, the 5 rhythms of life force, the ritual of dance and the deep roots of women's community that dance originated in.

Creating Ritual and womens gatherings with my dance communities, 
We raged, and delighted and slinked into sexy wildness, we were fire and water, earth and air. 

In India I learned how the women danced their stories and used dance as Devotion. 

 I learned the dance of beauty and the power and responsibility of dance as transmission force.
 I learned the power of my hands and the gift of mudra, the dance of the hands

After several accidents my brain was tired and injured. I needed me to slow down so I learned to dance as a drummer.  

I learned to dance by listening and feeling rhythm. The pulse of the mother rose up in me and healed my brain. 
I learned the dance of stillness. I learned how to partner wild expression with physical containment. 
I learned to dance with my organs deep within me. 
I was transformed.  

The Divine Feminine called for me and I took refuge on the mountain where the ancient faces of the goddess stripped me down and danced with me until I was ready. I learned the dance of patience and presence, the dance of sisterhood, ceremony... the dance of the temple dancer . 

I danced across the threshold of my priestess path and into the long 
dark dance of the shamanic gypsy dancer. 

I found my gypsy tribe and we toured around this country and beyond. I learned the dance of my solar plexus. I learned to dance in the face of the hungry world watching.  I learned to dance with fire inside and out. I learned the dance of service. 

In Guatemala I learned how the dance connects us to our cosmos and out of our minds to be open channels. 

The ancients taught me the sacred geometries of how to dance on temples and how to dance as a living temple with this glorious body.

The sisters of Flamenco awakened my gypsy blood and showed me what to do with my passion.

The sisters of Belly dance showed me how to flow out of my chaos and create rivers of grace in my body to birth myself again and again. My roma blood and lineage awakened in me and my dance became relentless. I could not stop. It was painful to not dance. My dance was teaching me now, it was both me and my lineage. 

The Divine Feminine Spoke to me when I danced ... she said to follow the red river and set your tent down. 

The caravan of womenly delights landed and we danced and washed each others feet and sang and awakened to something ancient that wanted to begin dancing in these new times, in each of our young bodies.

The Maya healing ways escorted me into the deep, to dance with the dark mother, my own womb.

When I came home to my womb the pain stopped and my dance began telling her stories.

My dance  became the elements, she became the goddess, the warrior, the gypsy, the mother. 

When the women saw me dance they remembered something ancient, something  that is awakening in all of us.

The fire and the moon began to speak to us as we danced
The dark moon was hungry, so, we fed her . We vowed to gather to feed her with our dance, our song, our stories and our stillness each month so we would never forget again where the dance began ! 

When the Dark Sister is hungry we feed her our Womens Tent. 
We feed her our willingness to go deep and love ourselves. 

When our bodies get hungry for the stillness, the dance, the song, the stories, the sisters, we gather to create this tent and feed the dark moon goddess all that we are. 

Women's Tent is the dance of  remembering the eternal dance of the Divine Feminine that is awakening and growing strength in these times to meet the masculine in sacred union. 

We dance to find balance and union within, with each other and with our planet and the mystery of our universe. 

We dance to come home, to remember and co-create what is possible. 

We have found the way, it is to DANCE! 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.