Pelvic Peace and Power

Pelvic PEACE and POWER:  
Women's Healing Arts Immersion

Clear and Awaken your Womb
This is a wild and sacred matter.

Yoga, Movement and Healing Arts practices for restoration of your feminine body and creative fertile life force. 

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Full weekend workshop 
All women welcome.

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Our pelvic floor is the home of our feminine center.
Wrapped and held together by ligaments and muscles protecting your sacred center where the temple of your womb and creative fire of your ovaries and the secret gardn of our vagina lives
Join me in a 3 day exploration of this magical nest within you.
We will connect with this sacred space in 3 ways.

- Physically to tend to contracted ligaments and muscles that are pulling you out of balance and locking up your feeling compacity for pleasure.

- Emotionally to clear old stories and energies that have been creating heavlyness and insecurity so we can clarify the new vital story you want to claim as your truth!

- Spiritually to relink the spiritual support of heaven and earth to your womb and heart. Discover the deep peace from establishing sacred union and wholeness in your pelvic floor.

Restoration of the Feminine starts within each of us. 
(feeling,  powerful, sexy, soft and peaceful!)

Restore your Inner Peace (self love!) 

Awaken your Sensual/Sexual Power (enjoy sex!)

Heal trauma locked up in your pelvic floor ( balance your blood cycles!)

Get real and connected with other women (honest loving sisterhood)

"These Women's Healing Arts Practices most definitely open  your pelvic floor!  Its like the river of feminine radiance just starts flowing. You cant stop smiling! " 

"A divine journey of reclaiming a deep inner peace I had no idea was in there."
" Wow, I feel so sexy and powerful." 

- greater circulation and opening of muscles and ligaments
- release of stress and anxiety
- restored connection to your feminine center and the earth.
- soft fluid connection to your hips
- release of tension in your jaw
- opening up of your voice
- a deepening of feeling and confidence
- new discoveries of your feminine self
- plant allies for womb support
- Yoni breathing

Learn: You will learn a specific blend of practical tools to care for your womb and sexual vitality. We are introducing you to a whole new way of life in a women's body.

- Learn the Maya Self Care Womb Massage techniques
- Yin Yoga Hip opening asana practice
- Pelvic Anatomy
- Earth Centered/Plant Support for your cycles
- Shamanic body prayer practices to help you clear your womb to reclaim your inner peace and your sexual power.
- An intro to internal yoni massage
- A Sacred Womb Dance to deepen your daily practice
--Specific breath technique to access deep feeling and pleasure

Friday night 6-9 
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 9 - 3

Early Bird Special $295.00 Til Nov. 1  / $375 after Nov. 1
Bring  a woman with you and receive 10% off for each woman you bring!

Pay with paypal :

ADDITIONAL MENTORSHIP:  phone conference Q & A and after care support.
4 calls specifically addressing and reviewing the workshop.
Once a week to support your practice through the holiday season.
Additional $108 for this 4 week series.

Phone or Skype privates are also an option at your convenience. 
Those sessions are $108 for 1hr 15 min.

*Out of town women please contact us if you need help finding a place to stay or if you would like to inquire about staying with one of the women in the program.

Private Sessions with Ixeeya are a great way to prepare and integrate each these workshops. 
  • Womb massage 
  • Earth and Womb centered Dance /Yoga instruction
  • Women's Somatic Empowerment Counseling

... Schedule Along with the 3 day work shop and receive a %10 discount.  
Call   303 442 1301 to Schedule.

* Ixeeya is available for up to 1/2 hr phone consults for any questions regarding a healing session or your participation in the weekend workshop. Call 303 442 1301 to set up your consult.

 Please note our cancellation policies for workshops:
Once you are registered or you ask for a space to be held for you then you are responsible for your space. There is a $40 non- refundable fee up to 1 week before the event. Cancellation 1 week before the event you will receive half the registration amount refunded and last minute cancellation ( the night before, day of or a no show) there is no refund. Please contact us with any questions regarding this part of our coming together. 



Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.