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may 6th 2018 

I have been on the Keto diet for a few months now and having great results with alergies, athsma and chonic inflamation. Its very exciting. My periods are back on track and im breathing deep and dancing more! Life is so much better this way. Ill be sharing here and there about some yummy recipes that are working for me that I think you will like! 

This is the drink i drink each moring ( or most)  


Jamu Juice- Bali's all-natural, anti-inflammatory elixir- made with fresh turmeric, ginger, honey and a squeeze of lemon. Heals and soothes the body! Make a big batch and serve hot or cold during the busy workweek! #turmeric #turmerictea |
Jumu Juice – a healing anti-inflammatory Indonesian drink made with fresh turmeric and ginger, and citrus. Soothing and healing to the body. Drink this cold or warm like tea. Adding in the coconut oil for healing fat for the Keto diet and taking out the honey for this version. Of course if you a lil sweet add your honey in or if you want a better sweet for blood sugar try: stevia, coconut sugar, licorice root or real maple syrup. 
  • Prep Time: 15  . 
  • Yield: 8 cup 

  • ½  cup fresh turmeric root juice ( juice from ¾ cup fresh turmeric root) or you can grate it and pour the hot water right on the grated root. 
  • ½  cup fresh ginger root root juice ( juice from ¾ cup fresh ginger root) or you can grate it and pour the hot water right on the gratted root.)
  • 6 cups cold filtered water
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil
  • 1/2 a Lemon


Slice the turmeric and ginger into thin rounds and juice, using an electric juicer (it’s ok to leave skin on). You should end up with 1 cup liquid combined. Add a little water to the juicer to extract more of the juice if you want. Place this in a 2 quart (8 cup) jar, pitcher or container.
Add the coconut oil to 1 cup warm water and stir to combine well. Add this to the jar. Fill the jar with water (about 6 more cups) and squeeze lemon in.
Drink cold, over ice or heat it up. 

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