NEW MOON Program

Welcome Dear Woman. 

You have found our New Moon Sanctuary!

We reserve New Moons as our sacred self care time. For Over 2 decades we have been guiding women home to their body, their creative power, and positive sisterhood to help lead the way to a new earth. 

New Moon is the dark moon when the light of our own experience is brightened for reflection and attunement. 

It is the time we shed the old intentions and create the next map forward. 

We offer you a {Free} Live guided movement meditation ritual that is helps to integrate with the medicine of the season. 

From there all the recordings go to the archives that live in our on line classroom  where for a donation of your choice you receive access to these teachings and meditations any time you want. 

Our new moon program has 4 tiers... 

-  On line Seasonal Movement Meditation Rituals
- Live Goddess Renewal Circles that happen in rooted temple spaces 
- Leadership Mentoring 
- Priestess Training 

*If you are interested in the Priestess Training please become active in on line new moons and Circles. Enroll in Council time with Ixeeya so you are ready for the deeper Dive of the training.

Where does your donation go? 
Your donation goes to 2 places. 

- First we offer 10 % to our global sisters service projects. Right now with our Bali Retreat prep we will be donating that money to the service project in Bali where we will be visiting and sharing our W.O.M.B. Dance with to support the women gathered there to rebuild from divorce and trauma.  

- The rest of your donation goes to grow womens tent into a resource center for the global culture of women. This takes a lot of busy logistical work and team gathering. Your donations help us delegate tasks and marketing to be able to offer you more teachings at higher quality throughout the year. 

Thank you for joining the Womens Tent 
and sharing your womb wisdom with us each month. 

Set up your Free Consult with Ixeeya to Learn more. 
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