Local Womens Initiation Retreat

INITIATION: Womens Revive, Pray, Express.
GreenTent Retreat at Starhouse

May 26 2019
Early Bird Ends May 7


Embodied Ritual in the sweet fragrant wild flower air, up on a magical mountain top?

A full day of Singing and Dancing your way through rites of passage of womanhood, reclaiming your inner maiden, anointing your inner mother, rewinding your inner express and honoring your inner crone... Listening to the wisdom of the earth to guide us forward.

Honoring the missed moments of womenhood 
and the healing power of earth communion.
We take time to initiate because we have been rushed along in our lives... 

Its time to slow down and give space for the feminine genius within to express herself, be seen, heard and honored.
It is a day of initiation, our feet anointing
 the earth with our dance. 
A ceremonial earth dance retreat to call on the healing of the body and the earth. 
We women are gathering at Starhouse land to listen and pray with the earth, to be initiated by her, our mother and each other in sisterhood, into our feminine power and sacred mission, from the ground up. 

Are you called sister?

The sacred grounds of StarHouse are studded with sacred sites and wild lands that host helping spirits, elemental potency, animals and plants that are so generous with their vibrational medicine. It is a total blessing to be held by this land.

Long Time StarHouse Priestess and Sacred Dancer Ixeeya Lin will lead the sister tribe with Selina Borquez and guest healers to support your day. We gather to meet the sacred sites and teach you how to work with them for your own ritual healing journey.

Together we remember and listen for the way forward.
More then ever the world as we know it crumbles around us we are being asked ever more to be in alliship with each other and the earth.

All women who hear the call are welcome to gather for this special ceremonial day.

The Green Tent is ...
A Womens Womb Wisdom gathering that celebrates and co-creates with the natural world. 
We partner with the earth and plants, the cycles of womanhood and seasons of the earth to remember and practice feminine restoration rituals outside in nature with the green beings.

Our Special 1 Day Retreat includes ...

- Special rose garden heart mending tea
- Sister share sacred Cacau Forest Ceremony with nature Devas
- Elemental Sensual Yoga Dance Prayer
- Ceremonial Drumming
- Shamanic Journey Methods
- Earth Communion meditation
- Mother Magdalene Purification Ritual at the well
- Create your own Herbal Healing Bath
- Labyrinth Inner Temple Fortification Song Maze Ritual
- Gaia Oracle Forest Grove Council
- Personal Shamanic Earth Dance Initiations
- Meet the cycles of womanhood within you.
- WOMB Dance: Learn to healing self care methods in our healing touch session

Inner Whispers of the earths medicine, herbal medicine making to carry home with you to keep you on your path of remembering.

This is for women who want to opt out of the Memorial Day chaos and dance through the forest with us.
Women who feel bunched up and agitated and in need of Sacred Creative Expression and Revival to activate their summer intentions.

Women who long to dive deep and swim through the wild divine landscape of feminine initiation with us.
We have an extraordinary team of Women to lead you into the magic.

Initiations: Womens Revive Green Tent Retreat
at StarHouse
Sunday May 26

Early Bird Til May 7 : $89
May 1 - May 20 $108

Delicious Herbal Healing Snacks and 
Medicinal Herbal Tea will be provided.


Please note:
Cancellations up to 2 weeks before event you get your full registration back.
First week cancellations you get half your payment back and last minute cancellations 30hrs or less we need to keep your full payment because it does not allow us time to fill your space and we have already prepared for you.

Thank you for understanding.

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