2016 Schedule


I invite you to read this schedule like a walk through the garden. 
Harvest what looks ripe and ready for you and leave the rest. 

January 16 &17 
WOMB Dance: 
Sexual healing, self love  and empowerment circle

A sweet way to reconnect with your sexual self and initiate deep feminine healing and confidence. 

A fusion of belly and temple dance, council and meditation. It is a powerful and joyful healing journey. 


Red Tent Annual Blood Mysteries Opening

April 10 New Moon Ritual Dance 

April 30 - May 1 Spring W.O.M.B. Dance Initiation

May 27 - 29 Sister Winds Festival
Ixeeya will be Performing Sacred Fire Dance and Sacred Feminine Earth Dances, Teaching WOMB Dance and Lead fire ritual and morning embodied prayer dance. 
Got to http://sisterwinds.com/ to buy your tickets! 

May 10 Spring / Summer Dance Tuesdays begin

June 7th New Moon Healing our Ovaries through pleasure and play.

Womb Centered Self Care : Wednesdays and Thursdays at the healing hut 

Schedule your private sessions or small group classes of 3 or more women! 1- 3 hr session. 
- On womb and pelvic care
- Sexual healing
- Shamanic practices
- Healing Art and Dance
- Living a conscious ceremonial wild woman life! 

July 3  12:30 - 5:30 Shamanic Earthing New Moon 

July 28 - July 31 Spirit Dancer Womens Ritual Dance Retreat

A deep dive into the sacred symbol map. ( a movement map that was born out of my ceremonial years in Guatemala, they open and attune our body to prepare for receiving the new light of the season). Using dance as our shamanic journeying path to attune our body centers and meet the spirit of the earth, inner guidance and become a powerful dancing prayer vortex. 
August 2 New Moon 

Pelvic Peace and Power: 
deep healing and clearing techniques for the womb and pelvis 

 A deeper dive into specific womb care healing practices. Yoga, Movement and Women's Healing Arts practices for restoration of your feminine body and sexual life force. Check out the invite to find out the specific practices we will learn together. 
Open to 15 women.  
September 25 - Oct. 1 
Womens Tent Mystery School
Priestess Leadership Training

 Shamanic Journeying Series: Learn basic journeying methods. Learn how to work with power animals and helping spirits. An initiation into living heart and spirit centered or a back to basics practice group for the experienced journeyer. No experience is necessary.


Private Sessions: 
Skype or in person: 
Vital Living Coaching Sessions : bring to life the vital life force of the seasons, your sexuality and your true desire. Guidance with day to day challenges or mentorship in becoming a stronger womens temple guide or facilitator. 

Shamanic Healing Journeys/ Council:  This session is a bit like a psychic reading but done in metaphors. Guidance comes in the form of helping you find the interconnection with the season and the bigger picture with what is going on in your life. It offers you practices and rituals to implement into your life for balance or healing of a particular theme. The healing is done on an energetic and spiritual level first then the guidance is offered afterward

WOMB DANCE: Healing Dance Sessions to unlock your body and restore your sexual life force.

In person only : 
Shamanic Womb Massage: physical, spiritual and emotional healing of your feminine center. There are lots of challenges in the body that accumulate from our womb being out of center. These sessions are great for healing feminine trauma and insecurity, sexual vitality, fertility, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and spiritual centering and self love practice. 

Shamanic Body work / Abdominal Healing Session: A shamanic unwinding session for men or women. Unwind stress and emotional contraction. Real good for digestion challenges, low back tightness and hip or pelvic floor disconnect. 

Shamanic Facial: Blend of shamanic body work and the Bars access healing points. A divine experience of relaxation and release and reseting the nervous system. Great for the holiday Season. 

Vaginal Steams: A womb sauna! A pot of healing herbs is prepared for you with love and prayers. Shamanic clearing, council and song accompanies this session. Great for balancing hormones and ph imbalance that can cause UTI's, yeast. Real good for clearing energy after relationships or just a seasonal self care and balancing date. Deeply relaxing.

Gift Certificates: When there is already too much stuff...Give your loved ones the gift of self care, support and personal growth this holiday season. 
You can buy a gift certificate for a specific session or use it like a gift card and let them decide what they want to put it toward ! There are lot of new retreats and classes coming up in the new year. 
They have a whole year to use it! 

Ixeeya Lin  has been a women’s advocate, healer and embodied arts educator for over a decade. Establishing integrative approaches to all her programs and teachings from a variety of sacred arts lineages. Her passion for dance and earth centered healing arts is contagious and offers deep transmission.  She has performed and facilitated globally sharing this call to feminine restoration and vital inspiration with the planet. Founder of Women’s Tent, SpandaRupa Dance and The Embodied Woman Program. She resides in Boulder Co. and has a healing arts practice in shamanic/yogic healing, sacred dance and ceremonial Womb centering. 



Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.