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Ixeeya is shamanic practitioner specializing in feminine restoration. 
An Advocate and Leader in the modern Women's Cultural Restoration Movement. A movement dedicated to feminine restoration as a path to wholeness and balance for our planet. 

An embodied arts educator, sacred dancer, shamanic healer, womb priestess, visionary artist, ceremonialist and mentor empowering women passionately and with creative mastery to come home to the wisdom of their bodies and sisterhood since 2000. 

You can access your voice, enjoy your body and live from a centered, self assured place.  You can have more fun, more depth, and more sensual/sexual delight no matter who you are and what you have been through ! 

Ixeeya teaches and guides with a compassionate spirit from true personal experiences of embracing and overcoming many trials of womanhood and bodily limitations. 
She is a pioneer in bringing the voice of the feminine to the forefront of our culture. Supporting men and old cultural norms with how to integrate and embrace the new  empowered feminine emerging. 

This is a time of newness for all of us. We are all being called into our power through the humble process of personal growth. 

What we know at this forefront is that it can not be done with out addressing movement of light in the body, interconnection with the earth and each other and honoring the sacred domain of humanity. This is the time of sacred union everything else is being challenged. We all need support on this journey.  

Ixeeya is a potent and masterful guide for those ready to get real honest and take the journey home to wholeness and union. 

She has trained with master teachers in Indian Temple Dance, Drumming, Meditation, Brain Rehabilitation, Tribal Belly Dance, Hatha yoga, 5 Rhythms, Sexual yoga, Somatic movement, Cross cultural Ceremonial arts, Women's culture, Visual arts, Native herbalism, Maya Spiritual Healing, Womb massage and 
Shamanic healing.  

The extended bio: 
Ixeeya’s earliest memories are of joy and spontaneous dancing. 
She moves from her deepest heart’s expression and a deep inner devotional dance with the divine. 
Her joy in embodying the feminine has led her to earth centered practice, focusing on the  wisdom of the earth, women’s healing ceremonial arts, and the practice of expressing radiance through the body as yoga and dance. 

For the past two decades she has shared her prayer of dance across the planet as village outreach programs, visual and performing arts programs for disabled communities, women's initiative against violence, public school artist in residence programs and ceremonial performance art. 

Ixeeya has had the great honor of practicing the radiant expression of the feminine through circle, ritual and dance with women and girls in India, Fiji, Nepal, Central America, Australia and around the US. 

Ixeeya  works with women and girls through private sessions and rites of passage, guiding them within, to the wisdom of their womb, nurturing their creative feminine life force, helping them feel and discover their natural radiant sexuality.

She teaches healing arts workshops and organizes sacred movement events worldwide with a Home office in Louisville Co. and an internet mentor program.

Ixeeya honors all of the wise women, mentors and teachers that have passed on their wisdom, given of their time and offered such devoted and deep support and reflection to her. 

A candle is always lit for these beings as their teachings are passed on to you. You are always welcome to inquire about the teachers who have guided and inspired Ixeeya's work. 

Founder and Creator a variety of programs created for personal growth, community building and vital living around the globe: 

Gypsy Home Spa ( an earth and herbal spa program) 
SpandaRupa Ceremonial Dance ( Modern sacred dance seasonal rituals) 
WOMB Dance ( Dance and healing arts that invites sexual healing and empowerment)
Primal Grace Out door shamanic dance and ritual programs
CORE Expressive Arts Day Program ( up and running for a decade for the Imagine Community of Lafayette Co.) 
Womens Tent a growing net work of womens support and education
Red Tent Experience Womens Retreats ( featured in the Daily Camera) 
Embodied Woman 9 month program 
Wild Divine Partner Play Date ( featured at Adi Shakti)
Dance Journey ( Featured at Starhouse)
Tribal Temple Fusion ( Featured at Alchelmy of Movement) 
Bhakti Yin Yoga ( featured at Joy in Motion ) 


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