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2018 FAll / Winter WOMB Dance 
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RECEIVE Special 2018 Winter WOMB Dance Journey ...

Please wear all black
Bring your yoga mat, filled water bottle, a scarf to tie around your hips, a journal

We begin right at 1 pm

WOMB Dance: Transforming Feminine Power Loss 
For the working woman who needs restoration.  Boulder Co. 

WOMB Dance: Sacred Power 
8 week On-Line program to help you retrieve lost power and maintain deep meaning and personal power through the holidays. 
$210 for 8, 2 hr weekly video gatherings, power of your feminine anatomy, sacred feminine embodiment practice, rituals, weekly practice themes, worksheets and recipes and playlists.

WOMB Dance: Sacred Power is to support women in reclaiming their sacred power of their body.
To help you see where you give your power away and reclaim this power loss and learn self care practices to maintain healthy boundaries. It is a return to feminine spirituality and fullness. The holiday season is a time of great light. Most women are too busy and run down to commune with this resource. This light has the power to vitalize you through out the whole year if you can come into a receptive presence with it. This is our mission for gathering these 8 weeks.

To register use the link ( Full weekend ( early bird) $210 USD)  below to pay:

WOMB Dance Power Loss Transformation

October 5-7 2018

Womens Tent Core Curriculum WOMB Dance and the Wheel of womanhood is returning to CO for a land based weekend this fall!
A Movement based, Womb Centered, Womens Restoration Journey on the land with Goddess Ixchel.

This is for working women and mommas who need to take time off to reclaim their feminine essence and personal power.

Feminine Power loss is common. 
You know you have feminine power loss when anxiety, overwhelm, lack of libido, unmotivated, loss of your sparkle, enthusiasm and inspiration. Some times you can feel depressed, weepy, angry edgy, jealous. 

 It is a Shamanic spiritual illness that can be transformed. 
This weekend will be a time to sink into the timeless traditions of sacred womens practice.
A Ritual Dance Journey with Council and Full Creative Expression. 

- You will learn about your womb ( Your feminine power center) and practices to keep her centered and vital. 

- You will learn about the Mayan goddess Ixchel and how she can support your feminine power

- You will learn what feminine power is, how to recognize it and how to clear away blocks when you start to feel your feminine power blocked.

- You will learn the 4 stages of womanhood and how to harvest feminine wisdom from each to support your transformation. 

- You will be guided through Shamanic ceremony to receive healing and blessing

- You will have opportunity to share and create in the profound Truth telling expressive arts co- creation council. A place where women get to come back to life and fully release and express.

- You will be guided in how to use free form dance as a transformational meditation

- You will learn songs, dances and asana to bring with you to integrate your weekend and call upon this transformation over and over again. 

It is a full weekend of Embodied Sisterhood and potent practice. 
A place for you to find yourself and other women on a path of dedication to feminine empowerment. 

We will be setting a traditional shamanic field with the elements and 6 direction with the support of our beloved goddess Ixchel. The Mayan goddess of womens healing and weaving. 
She will bless and inform each of our dance journeys round the wheel of womanhood.  

What change can you expect from our weekend? 
- more energy and clarity- Creative and Spiritual Up liftment- Release of body tension- Life feeling more meaningful- Confidence and self love- Renewed sensual pleasure- Things falling into place with ease.- Softening in your body- More positive mind- Morning practice momentum- Relief from anxiety and the dulldrums

It is the harvest time.
Time to reflect, gather and nourish.

I am delighted we get to be together at this magical time of year!

When a woman comes back to center and wholeness her shakti ( feminine power and fire) flows effortlessly into all she loves...work, family and her soul mission. 

Join us on the land:

WOMB Dance Power Loss Land Based Transformation Weekend

Full Participation is Encouraged for the full benefit:

Full weekend Early Bird $210
For women with timing conflicts:
Due to the ceremonial nature of this weekend we can only offer you these 3 options.
Please do try to join in for the whole weekend as the weekend does build upon each day.
Friday $50 or
Friday and Sat. $158
Full weekend $ 210

(this includes your bonus follow up call with Ixeeya, healing herbal teas, ceremonial treats and your own self care workbook)
( prices will go up in September.)
Registration Ends September 22 

Each woman will walk away from the weekend with...

- a personalized self care practice for the season
- a follow up coaching call with Ixeeya to support the integration of her renewed power.
- a discount card for 2018 WOMB Dance On-line One month training Reclaim. 

Our honored guest Ixchel will give us more details as we journey together. 

Would a Private Session Compliment or integrate your Journey?

Please if you would like to schedule private womb centering, shamanic healing and or mentoring sessions please make contact soon so we can get the schedule squared away. 

Looking forward to our magical harvest weekend together.

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