Spirit Dancer Summer Retreat

Healing Dance Institute presents: 
Spirit Dancer Womens Healing Dance Training. 

Reclaim your body, voice and connection with the earth as sacred through the timeless traditions of sacred dance. 
Weave the healing dance practices into any dance practice or class. 

Spirit dancer is a fusion of both ecstatic pure dance medicine with the elemental power of earth dance and the scared geometry technique, grace and devotion of the temple dance and yoga lineages. 

It is a path of remembering, healing and prayer service through embodiment of the spirit.
Dancing  body, energy and emotions into unified balance. 
The spirit dancer is awake to being the dancing bridge of the energies of heaven and earth. 
It is a Dance that heals and becomes the living prayer of global unity through embrace of the embodied truth of your personal humanity.  

The spirit dancer practice is a way to discover the power and sacredness of your body, her voice and her potent connection with the earth. Dancing home to your body to be fully present for hosting the spirit of your divine feminine self and deep womb wisdom. 

We DANCE. In a thousands ways, we tell our story and make ritual with dance. 
There is delightful rigor. You will ache in the good way and you will sweat in the purifying way. 
You may likely cry. 
You will for sure laugh and be amazed at the miracle and beauty of your body and what she is capable of. 

As we awaken our body we move beyond the illusion of separation and discover natural flow of healing light in our bodies in unison with the world around us. The original ecstatic dance practices. 

We will focus on body bridging and empowering your body system through ...
- dance meditations
- body geometry
- the body and vocal sacred symbol map
- shamanic earth dance practices
- temple dance mudras
- moving breath patterning
- primal sounding
- hip isolations
- embodied story telling
- sacred spins
- centering turns
- power of the leap. 

Spirit dance is for women wanting to cultivate more embodied depth, feminine presence and sensual power and delight in their lives. 

- For dancers wanting new inspiration from the temple and earth dance traditions.

- For women longing to connect with their bodies and movement in a meaningful way.

- For somatic healers wanting to add some new perspectives and tools to their practice.
- For all women wanting to restore the feminine spirit within through dance and sisterhood. 

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