Wild Divine Bali Womens Dance Retreat

March 1 - 10, 2020 

Restore your inner goddess. 

Your new beginning begins 
with tending your body temple....

Restore the connection to your spiritual centers, 
your womb, heart and third eye. 

Remember your true power and personal sacred mission
Transform body armor, vocal shyness and negative thoughts patterns. 
Embody your sensual feminine grace and presence.

The Womens Tents Global Sisterhood Retreats 
are the perfect way to awaken your feminine essence in your busy lifestyle. 
We gather with you and an intimate circle of women to practice womens embodied healing arts and be infused with global feminine practices to deepen our embodiment of authentic feminine restoration and leadership on the planet. 

 Our Bali Journey is a holistic movement and ritual based transformational experience to help you  rediscover yourself, renew your body and spirit and gain balance in your life. Bali is a community focused culture that has so much to teach us about the sensual devotional feminine. 

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Our daily dance and yoga carries you through the life cycles of womanhood 
to renegotiate and heal your wild and divine nature to support you in a 
personal initiation, a new beginning in your life. 

 Ixeeya has been facilitating women transformational embodied, movement ritual for over 15 years. 
She has a unique potency that is both centered and passionate, gritty and graceful. 

Ixeeya is intuitive and a seasoned wisdom keeper of the feminine mysteries and trauma based healing that gives her a broad gaze to hold and guide groups into transformational co-creation and deep healing together. 

Ixeeya  has traveled around the globe since she was 19  studying dance, sacred arts, community systems and women's cultures, 

You are in good hands in your practice circles 
and as you navigate this new sacred land ! 

As Ixeeya helps you to navigate your "New Beginning" you will be seeped in the cultural practices of Balinese dance, healing temple rituals, the quiet wild of the north shores and dolphin medicine. 

As your guide Ixeeya will weave the rich tapestry of these 10 days together for you to make this a seamless and cohesive experience with integration and levity of sisterhood 
along the way. 

We specifically meet in Bali for this sacred journey to be touched by the origins of devotion and focus ever more on how we find our way as modern women home to our hearts true devotion and sacred mission. 

This retreat is a call to receptive action. The action of surrender into 
the wild divine feminine to discover your hearts true calling and 
your body's authentic power. 

You will learn Balinese dance and how to make devotional offerings to 
embody the deep teachings of this sacred culture. 

You have daily Movement Mediation, Shamanic Ecstatic dance, WOMB yoga and Tantric Breath work, amazing authentic Balinese vegitarian food, Balinese spa treatments to nourish soul and skin, Temple Journeys, rituals, story sharing, laughter, support and the connection of sisterhood...  to make this a life changing experience for you. 

This is for you dear woman if you are needing to 
pause and catch your Breathe, Infuse more meaning and ease into your life.... If your longing for change and needto Inch away from the edge of burn out, 

If its time to awaken your PASSION and a deeper reason for living then this journey will be a wonderful match.

If you long to learn more of who you are now and welcome back a joyful heart
and an enlivened inner spirit to create change In your life you will love this! 

Your All Inclusive Wild Divine Journey Includes ...

- 6 month Sept. - Feb. Full Moon Live Zoom preparation calls

- Transportation Airport Transfers 
- 9 Nights and 10 Days 
- 5 Days Accommodation in Cultural Center of Ubud 
- 4 Days Accommodation in the quiet Sea Side North Shores 
          - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
- Temple Entrance fees and transport
          - Water Purification Ceremony
          - Saraswati Temple

- All Daily WOMB Yoga, Dance Classes, Circles Guided by Ixeeya and team 
         - Balinese Temple Dance class 
         - Devotional Balinese offering class 
         - Morning WOMB Dance and Tantric Yoga
         - Ecstatic Shamanic Dance with  Sacred Symbol Body and Voice Activations 
         - "New Way " Curriculum (  daily living guide book to integrate and thrive upon return)  
         - Healing dance life cycle meditations 
         - Nightly womens ritual circles 

- Wild nature, Waterfalls 
          - Dolphin Boat Ride
          - Water Fall Hike
          - Personal reflection time 
          - Closing Full moon Sea Side Initiation ritual  

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- 2 Balinese Spa Treatments 
- Full Moon Sea Side Closing Ritual 

- Girl time Shopping in Ubud

Hosted in 2 gorgeous private retreat centers In Ubud the heart of Balinese Culture 
and on the sea in Bali's quiet North Shores. 

Enjoy the gorgeous Balinese Design and gardens in Ubud and the North Shores.

                  Enjoy Your 2 Balinese Spa treatments. Included. 

Meet Local Women and their sacred arts practices. 

Enjoy a Beautiful view of the sea and walks on the beach art our seaside villa. 

Bask in the healing waters of the Ritual Water Purification at the Balinese Water Temple 

Dance with the wild earth and her divine water falls through out the Balinese Jungles.

Be Nourished by the colorful organic traditional Balinese cuisine. 

And Dance, Dance, Dance yourself free and renewed ! 

This is an intimate gathering. 
We want to make sure this is a match for you and for our circle. 
So please if you're interested set up a Bali Interview with Ixeeya to talk it through. 

We have amazing payment plans 
and 2 early bird specials to receive 
$200 off  until August 1 
and $100 off til Sept. 1  

Airfare to Bali Not included. 

We are being hosted by Bella Retreats. There you can find more details and sharing 
on the nature of our journey as well as the registration links.  

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