Womens Sacred Dance Training and WOMB Yoga in Bali

You are invited to train with us in the Feminine Healing Arts of Sacred Dance and Prayer.
Join our Womens Sacred Activism Retreat filled with practice time. Train in the Embodied Feminine Healing Arts.
You get 10 days of powerful temple dance and ecstatic dance technique, meditations, chants and movement rituals guaranteed to empower you to bring more of your true gifts to the world. 
This is all inclusive so you can focus on your dance and integrating the gifts of Bali.
You also receive the exclusive initiations of the Sacred Symbols that create potent alignment with your chakras and the elemental earth, as well as womb yoga to help you dance from the deepest connection to your feminine power, because this is how your dance becomes true medicine in a womens body.
For a limited time we have open enrollment for women who are longing and ready to embody their true power and craft a whole new beginning to give their gift of feminine leadership to the world. 
Dance with us across the sacred island of BALI. 
We believe your Dance can create positive change 
in your life and for the planet.
Sign up for your interview now to save 
your space before our Fall registration closes its doors.


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