Free} November New Moon Ritual : callm in the chaos

Busy mommas, kicking ass entrepreneurs, empty nesters, empaths and women at the cross roads... 
Join us for a lil LA LA LA LOVE YOU  TIME! 

Our  special  New Moon on line Homecoming ritual helps to soothe your system, enliven your radiance and awaken gratitude just in time for thanksgiving.  

Its simple, gentle, womb centered guided movement meditation.

Learn the 3 step sacred space practice you can play with to come home to your self over and over again as the holiday season speeds up. 

- Feel
- Kiss
- Sing  

Believe it or not this simple recipe for slowing down will help you be more productive and bring ease of living through the winter months. 

This is our Annual Return to Winters Womb Threshold Crossing Ritual  we did in the temple for over a decade. 
You will hear a lil story telling of those temple times and have a moment to share a short story of your own. 

Our New Moon On Line Rituals are always Free. They are recorded then  tucked away into our on line classroom where you can access them any time for a love donation of your choice. 

Our New Moons are a meeting place for the Global Culture of Women to gather for our sacred activism of self care each month. 

We believe taking care of ourselves Is part of our spiritual activism that supports the rebalancing of the planet. 

We are over the moon to create the change with you. 

To receive the accesss code.... make sure you are receiving our newsletters. Then code will come in the next 2 email tonight and tomorrow morning.

PS:I will stay on the call afterwards for any of you who have Bali Questions we are wrapping up registration this month. 

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