Seasonal Emotional Flares and Flower Self Love ...

Right around early spring at Equinox, I notice an influx of people start having a really emotional time. 
I did some shamanic journeying Research to find out : What’s going on ! 

It’s fascinating and makes perfect sense ! 

Momma earth even told me how to make a few easy shifts to balance and soothe the emotional body. I can tell you first hand ... it works!!

Next Thursday for new moon I’m going to share what we discovered that’s helping us all balance emotional flares and feel awesome ! We will close our webinars with a self love flower puja that opens the heart and womb with some essential movement meditation ! I am so excited to be with you for this first NewMoon of Spring !
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Emotions are normal and can be a way to deepen our lives / emotional imbalance and flare ups are the body’s way of saying “ wake up there is a fire in the house ! Get on it ! Send help! “ 

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!  
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