ROOT Pleasure Shamanic Yoga Dance, Breathwork Series.

Root Pleasure
CoEd Shamanic Dance Journey
With Osha Root Tea

" It is through your Body that you realize you are a spark of Divinity"

A 3 week series of 3 shamanic practice woven into a ritual journey to get to know your pelvic root and unleash the life force energy available to renew your relationship with pleasure.

Yoga, Dance, Shamanic Journeying with our dear plant ally Osha. 

Tuedays April 16, 23, 30 

What a great gift to be in the Starhouse temple and land for our ROOT Journeys to work inside the medicine wheel and dance on the sacred grounds.

These practices are a weave of ancient healing modalities that me and my students have practiced to  heal pelvic floor and low back pain, period pain, digestion issues, unravel self confidence,  joy, trauma, stiffness, awaken new layers of healing and pleasure.

We explore pleasure as a receptive state of life force energy.
You will learn details about energy dynamics, shamanic states, body alignment, the energy systems of the body and the interconnectivity between our bodies and the earth.

We will work with our beloved plant helper Osha who helps us to remember our wild and primal instinctual natures and open our visionary mind to go beyond old limiting beliefs and contraction patterns in the body.

April 16: What is holding your back?Ground and Release.  
April Earth Dance to Releasing Anxiety and Stress
April 30th Beltane Fire Ritual Celebration of the Joy of Earth and Body

Our last  Night together I will prepare a purification ceremony of fire and water for us to usher in the wisdom of springs cross quarter Beltane.

Join us on this Journey of pleasurable oneness! 
Welcome. We prefer that you join in for the full 3 classes. 

But if you can't. You are welcome to join us for 2 or 1.

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