ROOT New Local CoEd Healing Ritual Dance Class

New Local Healing Ritual Dance Class for Men and women to learn about the sacred power of our root, the shamanic way of the womb and  why earth temples matter !

Join us at Starhouse.
Starting Feb. 19

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A 3 week series for men and women to explore the power of 
Body - Breath - Healing Dance Earth Rituals 

An ecstatic ritual dance healing journey! 

Bringing the WOMB Dance teaching to a whole new level...

Series of 3 Tuesday Evenings 

Feb 19- Feb 26 - March 5 

6:45 -9 pm 

A way we can heal ourselves and the planet together practicing the technology of conscious embodiment and the way of womb wisdom we all gestated in and came to earth with. 
It is a practice of remembering.

ROOT touches on embodied earth centered activism and how we can with our bodies in motion, at this time, live this every day. 

I tell you all about it in class. 

-Movement medicine, tantric breath and body practices 
-Learn the power of your pelvic floor 
- What happens when you practice this in a living temple ! 
- Experience and return to the amazing love and connection to womb consciousness 
- Shamanic Community Healing 

Payment to PAYPAL

It’s gonna be awesome. 

Guys I know this might be slightly intimidating- I promise this is going to be a fabulous way to support your body and your curiosity of the feminine within and  being in relationship with the wild women in your life. 

I know what the hell. Your wondering about what we will be doing ! Right? 

Well if you know me im all about fusion and creating ritual journeys 

A deep and playful weave of ... 

- Unlocking  the root with pelvic floor movement technique from the yoga, temple dance, belly dance a d tantric traditionally that help to free you up to more power, feeling and pleasure

- Rooting the elemental power of the earth into our bodies with free form dance prayers 

- Learning how to work with and dance with the StarHouse temple and her awesome energy fields 

- Then you will rest into a lil nest of your own for a guided womb consciousness meditation to integrate and receive the blessings with simple breath work and  me rotating around to bless you with shamanic rattling, limpia and rieki healing touch. 

- Rising and closing with sharing words and sound scaping


Preregistration is necessary. 
Space is limited 
Sign up for one or all three 

ROOT is a way for us all to awaken our bodies in a good way for spring and to help us all heal the wounding and disconnect of our root 
( pelvic floor) 
Our root is at the root of tight painful low back, digestion issues, incontinence, erectile disfunction, painful periods, cysts, fibroids, hip knee pain, painful periods, lack of feeling and pleasure, ungroundedness, immunity, feeling unloved, unsafe, distrust ....

Our unwinding tightness in our root can help us find clear presence and authentic expression of our feelings and needs, relax into joy and receptive pleasure, improve reproductive function, as well help us be more potent at the energy and ceremonial work we do. 

STarhous temple is an amazing  teacher when we are grounded in our ROOT- 
The energy is very clear and available to serve and guide you. 

A healing dance journey home to our authentic selves and sacred power. 

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Ixeeya Lin is a Embodiment Educator, Shamanic Healer,  Scared Dancer and Priestess for 20 yrs. She specializes in movement based coaching, holistic wellness, pelvic womb healing, and earth centered ritual to help restore the intuitive wild nature of the feminine in both men and women to unify sacred living on earth. 

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