Get a free ticket to WOMB DANCE Sacred Power Initiation on line program...

“ End the Mediocrity, the fear and blame.
Take back your life. Remember.”

Unlock your pelvic root to awaken your creative feminine power and step into earth stewardship with us.

Slow down so pleasure can catch up to you... we will show your how to weave a magic sacred thread of authentic feminine power through the fabric of your life.

40 Day Online
W.O.M.B.Dance Sacred Power Initiation 
February 10- March 22


...Meet Us on line and become a Body Wise Earth Ally.
 A woman who lives  with more pleasure, more inner peace, more authentic power is starts attuning to the earth in new ways.

GET A FREE TICKET TO MY 40 Day OnLine program! 4 easy steps! 
1- Download and Fill out your WOMB Dance dedication 

2- Create a black and white picture expressing your dedication along with the dedication sheet.
( this can be done by taking a picture with it or callaging the 2 pics together) 

3- Post it on your Facebook wall with your interest or experience of WOMB Dance with our link 

4- Tag 4 women you feel need this healing experience and tag Ixeeya Lin too so we can enter you in the drawing for a FREE space in our February Class. 

Down load Our Earth Ally Dedication Sheets... Choose the one that best suits your truth. 

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