Free New Moon Global Lunch Date

Hey gals! 
My Free Global On line 
New Moon gathering is coming right up. 
Mark your 🗓 
We are trying a lunch break version this month to mix it up for those women with busy nights and women around the globe who need  an earlier time to join in!

We will keep it to an hour and 15 min. 
To practice efficient self care. 

We are focusing on dancing our sacred triangle - cervix and ovaries, to slowly generate vitali- Chi, part of my inner temple practices, 
feminine shakti in the slow sensual winter way ! 

And I’ll share a lil bit about the new WOMB DANCE Online Sacred Power Initiation coming up Feb. 2

So Monday Jan 7 at 12 pm mountain time we’re going to sneak away for a Mid-day Monday OnLine Self Love Vitali- CHI lunch retreat TOGETHER ! 

Get signed up at

And consider this to share when we gather... 
How do you express your feminine gifts to the world ? 
How do you express your feminine gifts in your inner world? 

Can’t wait to see you on screen! 

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