Unlock your pelvis Free your feminine creative spirit

Finding yourself...
...disconnected from your body, from feeling, from the ability to relax and receive, from confidence, from your sexuality, from pleasure, from knowing what you like or want?
Your not alone. It is really common.
It happens for all kinds of reasons but the one I am most interested in is the way our busy modern culture cuts us off from our pelvic floor.
There is a lot to say about that.
Our pelvic anatomy, the spirit of our womb center, the way our pelvic and womb ligaments respond,
the loss of dynamic chi flow, how sexual trauma gets trapped and effects our female brains and relationship to personal power and self esteem,
the way shame lands and creates contraction,

the way our pelvic nerves get cut off and the way our spine stiffens, the way our neck and jaw tighten, the way our periods become painful, the way we develop digestion issues of constipation, the way incontinence sets in...its a lot.
I want to tell you about 3 really pretty simple but profound aspects of your female body that can turn all this around to more vitality and health living in your female body.
3 Ways to find yourself in inner peace, 
a sense of sacred power ( internal confidence and faith) 
and mind blowing pleasure More often.
3 ways to find a truer deeper part of yourself.
Yes our pelvic floor can indeed be a gate way for all of this for many women.
It’s incredible.
And whats more incredible to me is the fact that we grow up not knowing about this as women!
-its not a quick fix, it’s opening up to a new way of feeling and being in your life.
But these 3 elements will really help get you started on your way.
They are the 3 core elements of my W.O.M.B. Dance program.
We will go over that in the first week of our Sacred Power program starting November 18.
I know this is a lot !

I’m here all day to answer your questions.
I know pelvic floors and wombs and spirit and pain free periods and dance ? 
Shame impacts the body?
WOW! Right?

Post your questions and stories and responses below...
The big one - that question about your pelvic floor, peace power or pleasure you have been wondering about!

Ill get back you you ASAP!

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  1. Thanks for the entire information you have given here to impart knowledge amongst us? list of nearest OBGYN doctors

    1. Hello There,
      Thank you for stopping by. I am an alternative womens healing arts practitioner. So depending on where you are I can help you find a Holistic Pelvic Care Specialist or Womb Massage practitioner but I am not plugged into the medical field. But its a great consideration.

      I know women everywhere so if you let me know what it is your needing support with and where, we may be able to find some referrals for you.
      Keep me posted.


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