WOMB Dance: Sacred Power

Is your wild woman wilted? 
Is your personal power running on empty but your 
not sure how to fill up? 

Gather with women and Dance ! 

Are you hard on yourself, exhausted and not feeling valued or valuable?
Are you doubting yourself when you go to make a decision and feel not good enough when you look out into the world, comparing yourself to others?

This is power loss my dear. I have been there and researched it my whole life. 
It is very interesting. But what is most interesting is that we can retrieve it! 
Yeaheee ! 
Most women have power loss living in a world that does not value the feminine.
Most women have experience some kind of abuse or sexual violation another way power loss can really anchor in the bodyspirit.
There are so many ways this keeps us from thriving.
Low self esteem lives in our body and feeds our minds.

A frozen cut off body and a negative mind is that perfect combo for
consistent power loss and energy drain.

We can have a different experience, It all starts in our body at our root center.
Dancing, moving body and mind starts to shake things up and create the change we want!

A more confident day to day and more alive dynamic, magical life.
Restoring our inner power and all that comes with this can create that shift!

As women many of us have a journey to go on. 
A journey out of the mediocre message and abuse the world instills in women 
to the path of our own dreams, personal self worth, power and feminine creation to change the world itself. 

This journey home to our bodies and the journey home to self worth I see as a truly potent
root system of global change.
From there the vibration is changing and rising from the joy and freedom we have in living.

Each womans life is a very unique path to her full power and wholeness that informs
her sacred mission and influence on earth.

But what I know for sure is every woman can reclaim her inner power.
And every woman influences the light and life on the planet.

Every woman is free to make the decision inside her own inner world how she wants
to do that.

Women are not equally free everywhere on the planet but with certain embodied empowerment tools
she can find freedom in her own bodyspirit.

"WOMB DANCE is not a magic cure. 
It is a gathering, it is a tool box, it is safe space to begin, practice and celebrate your journey of becoming... 
an Embodied Empowered Wild Divine Woman. "

If you are at a place where you feel stuck and need support feeling better in your body, unwinding shame and exhaustion, rewiring your mind to being more loving and kind to your self and return to a basic wild feminine inner power then I think you will  love WOMB Dance: Power loss retrieval.

- Feminine Body Empowerment - womb centered body rebalancing.

- Movement Medicine - healing sensual dance, belly dance techniques and womens yoga temple dance methods.

- Sister Shares - council and ritual in a loving community of women.

- Treasure Box- all kinds of resources, charts, worksheets, meditations to help you integrate this new way of living as a woman into your day to day and holiday chaos.

Reconnect with your wild divine feminine inner power 

She is a force of nature that lives inside every woman.

Between the worlds indeed.

Swirling home through the layers and worlds of sensual delight, potent prayer, cosmic star realms, deep roots of earth realms and the vast temples of color rays and archetypal power.

Like a witch but her a skirt instead of a broom,

Her creative bodily life force instead of spells

and global groove instead of incantations.

Guided by the wisdom of her womb out of the depression and guilt of the global pain body.

Dance is magic! 
Wild woman is her muse, her trusty messenger of the light of love and freedom to the planet whose unique flavors only dance can conjure up.

Hail the dancing wild woman ! #medicineforourearth
#couragetofaceherself #innerpowerilluminating

Dance everyday for 8 weeks with me wild women ! 

Woman wanting to meet her
inner wild divine self but still a lil shy? 

We got you. 

This is your safe space. 

We begin Nov. 11 - Jan. 5

Wild women dancing with our wombs home to feminine genius and joy

Learn the fundamental details of the power and sacred magic of your female body.

Check it out at my online school CLICK Here
or contact me directly for an interview process to see if this is right for you.
Just sign up for the free consult on the right column. ->

Space is limited to 36 committed women. 

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