WOMB Dance 
Feminine Power Retrieval 
on the Land 
Happening in Boulder Co. 
Oct. 5-7 

This is for all you busy mommas and working women who don't get time for yourselves or to be in the healing arms of mother nature. Women working so much you have lost track of the inspiration and joy of living and even feeling your own body...Women living with overwhelm and feeling wilted.
This is power loss.

We will help you regain your personal power and creative expression to bring more vitality and meaning into your life through a weave of shamanic healing arts and creative play and council on the land.

There is room for 12 women on the land with us.
If you hear the call to free your spirit and reclaim your authentic wild feminine power reach out to claim your space.

Fall is a perfect time for this potent shamanic practice together to harvest guidance, inner clarity and confidence.

For more info go to :http://www.womenstent.org/p/blog-page_6.html

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