...So what is the theme of your fall season? 
How can you make friends with the darkness and the slowing down? 
What feels powerful and true? 

This changes! every season, every year, every new life cycle! 

Oh I know sister, we thought we reached a point where we figured it out. 

I know its exhausting the idea that there is more personal work to do again! 
But I assure you once you get started these seasonal attunements are so life giving. They break the spell of exhaustion! 

So a few things. 
This writing below I found touched my heart. 
It located something so many of us have suffered and been shaped by...  in my body mind history and what I have witnessed in so many of the women I have supported.

When we are told over and over again we are too much 
we begin to distrust ourselves and shrink our power. 

It is exhausting to live life this way. 
It can create shame and the bodily architecture of shame that can cut you off from the creative life force ( Joy, inspiration, empowerment, clarity, pleasure) of your sexual center and start chipping away at the body. 

We have to catch that and turn it around ladies.

Our lives are depending on that. 
And at the risk of sounding dramatic... so is the world! 
Thats another conversation. 
If the writing below speaks to you... you may really enjoy 
some of my next offerings on line and in the Co. Foothils region. 

A return to our wild creative authentic intelligence.
And yes your womb is your gate way. 

- The embrace of your fullness, your true creative feminine expression. 

- Healing the Shame that made you smaller then you actually are. 

- Fine tuning how to channel all that creative life force in to your personal life path and what you want to create. ( yes it is a path of discovering what you actually want, not what you should want, at your age or as a modern woman etc.) 

If you can relate ... you are in the right place. 
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"There she is. . . the “too much” woman. The one who loves too hard, feels too deeply, asks too often, desires too much.

There she is taking up too much space, with her laughter, her curves, her honesty, her sexuality. Her presence is as tall as a tree, as wide as a mountain. Her energy occupies every crevice of the room. Too much space she takes.
There she is causing a ruckus with her persistent wanting, too much wanting. She desires a lot, wants everything—too much happiness, too much alone time, too much pleasure. She’ll go through brimstone, murky river, and hellfire to get it. She’ll risk all to quell the longings of her heart and body. This makes her dangerous.

She is dangerous.

And there she goes, that “too much” woman, making people think too much, feel too much, swoon too much. She with her authentic prose and a self-assuredness in the way she carries herself. She with her belly laughs and her insatiable appetite and her proneness to fiery passion. All eyes on her, thinking she’s hot shit.

Oh, that “too much” woman. . . too loud, too vibrant, too honest, too emotional, too smart, too intense, too pretty, too difficult, too sensitive, too wild, too intimidating, too successful, too fat, too strong, too political, too joyous, too needy—too much.
She should simmer down a bit, be taken down a couple notches. 

Someone should put her back in a more respectable place. Someone should tell her.

Here I am. . . the Too Much Woman, with my too-tender heart and my too-much emotions.

A hedonist, feminist, pleasure seeker, empath. I want a lot—justice, sincerity, spaciousness, ease, intimacy, actualization, respect, to be seen, to be understood, your undivided attention, and all of your promises to be kept.

I’ve been called high maintenance because I want what I want, and intimidating because of the space I occupy. I’ve been called selfish because I am self-loving. I’ve been called a witch because 

I know how to heal myself.

And still. . . I rise. Still, I want and feel and ask and risk and take up space.
I must.

Us Too Much Women have been facing extermination for centuries—we are so afraid of her, terrified of her big presence, of the way she commands respect and wields the truth of her feelings. We’ve been trying to stifle the Too Much Woman for ions
—in our sisters, in our wives, in our daughters. And even now, even today, we shame the Too Much Woman for her bigness, for her wanting, for her passionate nature.

And still. . . she thrives.

In my own world and before my very eyes, I am witnessing the reclamation and rising up of the Too Much Woman. That Too Much Woman is also known to some as Wild Woman or the Divine Feminine. In any case, she is me, she is you, and she is loving that she’s finally, finally getting some airtime.

If you’ve ever been called “too much,” or “overly emotional,” or “bitchy,” or “stuck up,” you are likely a Too Much Woman.

And if you are. . . I implore you to embrace all that you are—all of your depth, all of your vastness; to not hold yourself in, and to never abandon yourself, your bigness, your radiance.

Forget everything you’ve heard—your too muchness is a gift; oh yes, one that can heal, incite, liberate, and cut straight to the heart of things.

Do not be afraid of this gift, and let no one shy you away from it. Your too muchness is magic, is medicine. It can change the world.

So please, Too Much Woman: Ask. Seek. Desire. Expand. Move. Feel. Be.

Make your waves, fan your flames, give your chills."
~ Ev'yan Whitney. ~

Thank you Ev'yan Whitney 

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