Give yourself a week of Wonderful...

A week of potent daily practice and soul coaching for women ready to reignite the Sacred Creative Wild Fire of the Feminine Spirit .
The Feminine Spirit Needs to express, create and share.
It is essential for her personal power, pleasure and inner peace to fully take root.

The Feminine must "dance her dance and sing her song" or her life can feel unfulfilled, uninspired or unmotivated.

A woman's dance and song can look many ways. Each womans creative life force, mission and expression is linked with her health and vitality.

WONDER WEEKS are a Dive deep into the wonder of you.
Feel, Love and Delight in your life and body again.

When we are disconnected from our Feminine Spirit and Soul Mission no matter how full and beautiful our lives are we cant feel the WONDER, the JOY or our own BEAUTY.

Are you ever just mean to your self ? Saying things inside yourself you would never say to another person you actually liked?

Have you felt the day to day become overwhelming and stuck.
Do you feel trapped in your looping mind, totally indecisive, stuck in victim mode in the midst of a beautiful life and dream you created but nothing is particularly "wrong".

The spiritual wild nature of your feminine self is likely wilted and disconnected.
You may need a creative kickstart to reconnect the WONDER!

Spiritual Essence is what brings the wonder to WONDERFUL. 

Each Month Wonder week will have a new theme to deepen into personal discovery.
This is for women feeling stuck, overwhelmed, bored or on the verge of greatness who need that lil daily dose of support to get moving and focused!

Each WONDER week ...
- You get live daily embodiment (dance and yoga) practice with Ixeeya that promotes your weekly theme and intentions.
- You get a health menu and recipes to try for the week to support the theme.
- You have access to unlimited text and email coaching for the week.
- You are invited to 2 live zoom video Womens Groups to begin and end the week with fellowship and sisterhood cheering you on.

-You get Access to our community platform to connect with other women on discovery and growth.

- You receive an end of day guided womb meditation
- You receive your own creative wonder sheet each night to close your day with.


Day 1 : Sunday we gather in a live on -line Ritual Womens Group to meet, set intentions and cheer each other on. We help you pick one element to focus on that speaks to and connects you to the theme of the week.

Monday - Friday ... 
Daily practice and unlimited coaching.

The week is for you to jump start your personal growth and practice.
Its an awsome deal!

You will be happy to learn that WONDER weeks are the same price as your in person healing sessions with me. For the price of one of those sessions, now you get a whole week of support where ever I am on the road. Plus you get the benefits and tips of the current travel adventure I am on.

... You get daily support to deepen your personal growth practice and  reconnect you to your feminine spirit and your soul mission.

These practices are formulated to awaken the power of your positive mind, creative spirit and body intelligence. To help you GET UNSTUCK!

After Wonder Week you have the option to continue with a Personal Coaching month.
This is all about you. Taking what you discovered in Wonder Week and diving deep with Ixeeya and personalized embodiment practice and creative shamanic arts.

Wonder weeks activate your
Sensual Dance of Receptivity and your Wild Pleasure 
Are you a give, give giver, living depleted overwhelmed and a lil crabby? Cant stop doing to enjoy the dream you have created?
ARe you having a hard time relaxing and feeling joy and pleasure?
Summer time has potent teachings for you to learn how to be receptive and let go of resisting our wild pleasure. Your Wildness is your natural self. The part of you that can feel, slow down and listen to sensual bodily intelligence.

One on One: $500 
Group Fee $149 
Scoop up your seat in a WONDER WEEK to reprogram the overwhelm and disconnect to Awaken the spirit of your wild feminine pleasure.

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