Join WOMB Dance

Redefining Power and Beauty from the wisdom of your womb.

- Reclaim the Sacred Power of your body.
- Shed Shame.
- Reignite the magic and spirit of your feminine.
- Cultivate Authentic Confidence.
- Restore your vitality and dreams.
- Awaken your creativity
- Meet the power of receptivity
- Undo resistance accepting yourself
- Enter sisterhood and earth communion to relieve loneliness and doubt.

I call this a Home Coming!


- Daily practices to realign your hips and open your energy system.
-  Learn the practice of loving yourself.
- Weekly Sister Share Circles to Empower and learn to make art with your adventures of womanhood and life Story.

- Re- education about your female anatomy and body
- Learn movement meditation and sacred dance principles that are womens ancient medicine to prevent and tend to pain and illness.
- Earth Based ritual to learn to plug into the inter-connective power available to you.

3 ways to Join

1 - Private On-Line Sessions/ Coaching/Mentoring
2- Weekly Sister Circles for 1 Month at a time
3- 6 Week WOMB Dance Program ( with privates and weekly circle)

Goto WOMENS TENT On-Line Movement Mystery Temple
for tasters and program details.

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