Valentines Self Love Gift

Happy Valentines Day ! 
Ahhh love ! 

That oh so complicated and radically simple riddle! 
We can actually transform valentines day once we decide it is about love. Loving ourselves and bringing more love to the planet.

This shifts everything! Give it a try. No more disappointment or frustration. Gift chocolate to everyone you meet in your day and make sure you do something yummy for yourself. Dont wait on someone else to spoil you, give yourself permission to fully spoil yourself on this luscious day of love.

Its amazing how when we do this a v- day date and chocolate surprises become sheer delight without the burden of expectations and need for approval. Can you relate?

Here is a V-Day gift to make sure all your valentines day adventures integrate with a deep connect in with self love!  What if we loved ourselves like we loved a rose or a diamond?

The Audio below will guide you on a self love movement Meditation to the secret garden of your womb, your female sacred power center! 



  1. Probably I was lucky, and this Valentine's Day I may call happy) A girlfriend named Mora, (I'm impressed with her way of life, thoughts, karma,) we met by chance in an free video chat and wanted to just talk like friends, nothing unusual.
    Did I think about the possible love then? Probably not, but Mora with her calm character and love of nature and yoga seemed to be a really charming girl.
    Despite the fact that we were in different countries for a long time and love at a distance it was what we had to be content with, the day of St. Valentine was filled with feelings, emotions, and future plans)

  2. In this age of hypocrisy, the writer has written every word with all his soul poured into it.
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