A Solstice Prayer for transformation...

Great spirit
Divine Feminine, great mother
Divine Masculine, great father...
Make me aware of your presence
Awaken wonder in me.
Slow me down and rearrange my mind to ease my struggles.
To Make me bold in my loving.
Brave in the face of my inner demons
Hopeful in heaviness and overwhelm.
When life feels cold and lonely help me know how to reach for connection.
When life feels meaningless and vacant help me to feel deeper into the reality of interconnectivity.
When life feels like it's attacking me, help me to put down my defense and soften, to rest and remember more of you and less of me.
When my words become toxic and intolerant riddled with judgement wrap your spirit wings around me and remind me of what I need, to return to my hearts true center.
Renew my confidence in the grounding energy of natures rhythms.
Ignite laughter to release the tension and fear that keeps me separate.
Infuse me with Faith when life feels impossible,
Joyful in my living each day...
Graceful in my life becoming...
ever more purified as a song of gratitude,
A dance of guiding light,
A prayer of unity for all.

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