Turn up the volume on your intuition

Turn up the volume on your intuition.

Life on tour has been such an amazing teacher. Learning how to take care of my body in utter chaos, how to stay focused when nothing is set in stone and always changing and how to show up and be present with women and teach what I know without tons of prep and fuss.

Life is getting very focused and efficient out here. There is no time for doubt or hesitation.
I am relying on my womb more then ever, Her creative genius and her deep knowing. It is a leap of faith every day to choose to believe I am on the right track, everything will work out and I am guided.
Simply take the clear next step. Notice what shows up and respond from my heart.

When we stop and tune in we get guided. People ask me about this all the time. I think sometimes we expect the intuition to be like a loud speaker voice with all the details that sooth our rational mind. Plan out our whole week and month in detail! Lol.

The way to turn up the volume on intuition is to keep taking leaps of faiths. Stay calm when the self doubt creeps in, take a deep breath and don't give into the hysteria and doubt. Follow the whisper that keeps you wondering " is that my intuition" . The more you have sucess trusting her the louder it will get.
 Keep listening each new step. Intuition does not blab out the whole route it whispers in your ear with each new step. She may give you a " down load of an idea but that does not insure it will work out as planned. We are required to keep listening and be ready to let go or make a new turn at any moment.

Keep asking ... What now? what now?

Practicing unattachment and staying curious are key to being in partnership with your intuition.

Intuition is suble and it requires trust, faith and deep feeling.
It requires knowing yourself deeply so you can hear and feel the subtle messages in your body.

It comes in the feeling of the air and the pull to one direction while your walking. It shows up as an interest or noticing a detail. Pay attention to what you notice ! It is not random.  Intuition can be the intelligence within you that stays calm when things don't work out to keep you curious to shift gears, to let go and change course to a new version of wonderful you had not thought of.

This is why when we talk about getting In touch with our intuition or womb wisdom it requires a getting to know yourself as a woman from the inside out. Womb healing work is instrumental because it brings you in touch with the root of your body where you begin to heal your sense of safely and connection in the world. Where you first developed your relationship to trust. Trust of yourself, your body, your loved ones and the world around you.

Most of us had some voice of doubt implemented into our psyche in regards to our intuition.
Modern parenting and our cultural norms do this naturally without realizing it. Our modern culture often considers subtle or emotional intelligence frivolous or impractical. So we learn to discard and devalue this inner genius.

Retuning to trusting ourselves and uncovering the suble voice of intuitive wisdom is a worthwhile journey for sure. It takes time. It is a journey home. Each new circumstance as far as I can tell offers us a new way of growing this capacity within us. It is never done. Always changing and becoming. Just like womanhood.

My WOMB Dance journeys are a celebration of exactly this journey. It's a dance literally and metaphorically. Personally I do believe every woman needs to move her body to find vital health and wellbeing.

Here is the link to our Movement Mystery School

There a a million ways to do this. I share quite a few! And in the end all the practices and techniques are a path home to your personal unique dance. Your way of being a woman. We are simply here to cheer you on and make sure you know all the details about your body and the timeless traditions that support a woman's body to give you the best chance at loving and trusting yourself every day.

Bless you dear sister.
Let me know if I can support you on your journey of reclaiming your body, power and intuitive wisdom.
From the gypsy road ... Sending love.



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