Letting shame die, 13 month death cycle

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Reaching out from the road. I'm in Ashville NC. Meeting up with a womb sister Christina Bertelli. 
We were talking about the effects of the #metoo campaign. So much getting stirred up in so many directions. 
So many women feeling safe to share for the first time in their lives! Amazing. With my history and my line of work these stories are not shocking. They are quite usual for me. I know if your not used to hearing about this kind of thing it can be really hard and shaking and even creat a backlash of making it wrong because of how uncomfortable it can feel. To take a look at reality. 

My heart breaks for what I have heard women going through this week. I have learned to live with a broken heart and learn to let it break me open to love more rather then tighteste armor and collapse. That is a practice. Let me know of you need support with that. 

I do feel a big exhale, So much relief for so many who have been in isolation with their story. 
And on the flip side so many hurt feelings and much confusion. Women shaming each other's way of writing or healing, 
Men apologizing, other men putting those men down. Men coming out and sharing their violation. 

These are tender times. The pot has been stirred up! Is an understatement. 

I'm noticing how it is bringing up people's different ideas of what is appropriate and not appropriate. 
One man I met feels it is simply a ploy by the government to distract us all from some big to do they are up to.

I think it's safe to say if nothing else it is a catalyst for change at this time. 
We get to choose. 
What is needing to change, be let go off, die? 

Turns out all these conversations are happening in total alignment with the Scorpio new moon with a Jupiter cycle beginning a 13 month cycle. 
I was so amazed - last night on a new moon call with Virginia Rosenberg, learning about the effects of this Jupiter cycle in Scorpio. 

Scorpio is all about sex, death, psych, passion, endings. Jupiter ... Growth and wisdom, ego to transpersonal or spiritual. 
It's a time of change. Apparently we just entered a 13 month death cycle. 

I for one am happy to see the way we deal with sexual harassment and abuse change. 
What I know from personal experience is ...Change can be messy.

 I will put a vote in for being gentle and forgiving with each other as we navigate this new terrain 
of trying to come together to break free this elephant in the room, sexual abuse, harassment and shaming. 

As we all get more clear about our Truth and our place in it all let's please remember this is a global issue and we are learning and healing as we go. Let's give each other permission to grow here. Speaking out sometimes is the catalyst you need to self reflect and grow even change your mind over and over again as your are digesting new information and feelings. 

Sexual abuse effects everyone. We are all healing and growing in order to change the future. 

I have been attacked and raped and abused from a young age through my 20s. I shared my story on face book.
 It was my intention to share to serve and teach through. Many were inspired and thanked me and some feel my sharing was inappropriate for different reasons. 

I felt myself at a crossroads of turning back to the old way of allowing my self to take that feedback on as shame and feel bad about myself or step into change with the support of this new moon vortex. 
We have all been shamed enough through our lives. Body shame, sex shame, professional shame, on and on. 

I am starting a personal practice for these next 13 months with Jupiter to let shame die. Let go of it and let curiosity and growth bloom. 

When someone judges and ridicules me, Speaks to me in a cold stark reprimanding way or just a sly degrading wise crack I will be practicing being curious but not made wrong or bad. I will commit to considering their point of view or requests and choose what is most aligned with my heart and deep knowing.

 How do you do that ? Slowly. Slowly becoming a better witness of your body and your breath each day to catch old thought patterns and rote verbal defensive comebacks. We get more vulnerable and honest with ourselves and others. 

I am real excited about the convergence of " me too" with this new moon.
 I think it is a great opportunity for deep feeling and personal internal " house cleaning" 

So perhaps if this " me to" campaign has been intense for you take time to feel into the bigger picture and notice what is underneath. 
Take time to journal ... What am I ready to let go of?  What is the gift it brought to my life?  Then during the next 13 months practice letting it die from your habitual patterns. You have the stars on your side for this one. 

We begin WOMB Dance next week. November 1 for 1 month on line. These practices are amazing for healing shame and trauma slowly through your body. We will support you in having a daily self care practice and how that works in the chaos of modern living. 
We will address How to stop patterns of self hatred, and learn simple movement technique that is fun and sexy to free up your body and reduce painful cycles, back pain and exhaustion. With a weekly women's face time council! RECLAIM!! Your body as sacred! 

Here is the link for that: 

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  1. I feel like this #metoo campaign should be held everywhere! women go thorugh alot of problems and to feel like yo can share them with other must be great. this campaign really is doinf a great job.


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