Are you a fit for our on line Healing DANCE Practice?

 WOMB Dance online program Nov 1

If your a woman who has felt the effects of shame and wants to reclaim your body and your power through a daily practice of movememt and meditation then please join us.

This program has been developed specifically to address freeing you up from habit patterns of avoiding your own creative life force and self care during busy times, to address the stiff stuck feeling and pain from ignoring and avoiding your body and her needs. We learn to listen to our bodies and discover why we began ignoring her in the first place.
 I bet you had a good reason.
But it's not serving you anymore? Then this program is for you.

We support women in shifting those inner voices that tell her, she sucks and shouldn't follow her dream.
I know what it's like to feel betrayed and inconvenienced by your body, everyday wishing you could find energy and strength to do what you want.
This isn't a magic pill but we can teach you how to listen to your body and become friends and even essential allies!

Oh and that curse thing, the one that leaves us feeling ineffective and invisible in the world and offering our gifts. We can help shift that and get your creative life force flowing with bells and whistles announcinge her arrival! Lol.

This module is called RECLAIM. Reclaim your creative life force... A coming home to your body and authentic power.

My month long online practice will give you the support and teachings you need to feel better in your body, fall in love with yourself and your body to release the effects of shame in your life and in your work.

Click Below to sign up at our on line Women's Movement Mystery School :


  1. I love your initiative for woman.Seriously women get no time for their own self and keep worrying about kids and other family members.But now they will learn to have some "me time."

  2. Thank you. Indeed. It's learning to live life completely differently lil by lil. We begin our next run of the program January 7 !

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