Summer 2017 Trainings

Summer Schedule in Co. 2017

WOMB Dance classes will be scheduled through out the summer so do stay tuned! 

Private sessions: 
In person:
Choose from my 3 healing huts
Starhouse, Urban Boulder, House hut Lafayette.
Abdominal Womb Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care, Limpia, Shamanic Facials, Yoni Steam, Shamanic Healing, Somatic Council.

Global On Line Face Chat Sessions: Wild Feminine Coaching and WOMB Dance Practices.



 June 10-11 
Shamanic Basics 

Intimate teaching for 4 - 6 women who hear the call.
Tools for women travelers, road trippers and festival goers.
Package includes 2 days of teaching. 1 end of the month follow up practice and 3 months of on line or phone mentorship calls when needed. 

July 16, 21-22 The Return of The Wild Feminine. 
Womb Dance, Massage and Herbal Eco Sourcing. 

Self care and womb wisdom awareness practices for professionals and practitioners.
Learn how to access and bring the wisdom of your feminine self to your own life, your work world and your clients. 

A training for professional women to learn the ways of the wild feminine through Intro discussions on what this is and how it can serve your life now, Healing Dance Methods, Shamanic Womb Massage, Earthing and Meditation. We need you to bring this wisdom to the world. The world is ready. 
For women ready to take the first step home to their body and the deep well of intuitive, creative wisdom within. 
To heal overwhelm, exhaustion, drain, doubt, emotional armoring, spiritual disconnect, blindness to beauty and blessing. 
"The wisdom of the wild feminine enters the world one woman at a time." Ixeeya

- Aug 11-13 2017 Dancers of the New Earth
Coed Dance Activism Training. 
Dance as activism. Deepen the healing power of ecstatic dance with a weave of shamanic, temple dances and elemental movement meditations. For recreational dancers and performers. Beginners to advance.
- We will learn technique to activate and align the 3 temples of being
- Learn my body bridge map and how to use it, created specifically for embodied health and supporting heart centered co-creation. 
- Learn how to work with sacred sites 
- Practice accessing your cause and how to feed it. 
- Learn the energetics of activism and why and how your life each day can contribute to the cause you feel most connected to. 
- Ways to stay connected to hope and possibility in the midst of dark times

Festivals ... 

- June 16 3:00 Hanuman Festival: Temple Dance yoga 
With music accompaniment by my sister Rebecca Abraxas

- August 4-6 Arise Wisdom Village ! What a team and line up of goodness In the works for u and for creation of new earth! It's happening ! You'll find me leading the daily women's group, WOMB Dance, Fire and flow gender reconciliation fire ceremony, and Dancers of the new earth ( a taste of my new body of work) a Taster of it all.

- Aug 20 Red Earth Women's gathering Sunset Herbal WOMB Dance 
An amazing gathering of women learning in the traditional oral traditions on the land! Ill be there offering womb blessings in the Red Tent and guiding us in a WOMB Dance Sunset herbal dance journey.


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