Feeling stuck in the shadow... Early spring insights

Hello dear women. The wheel of the year turns again. One of the fabulous things about being in a women's body is how in tuned we are to the fertility cycles of the earth and the lunar cycles.
The more womb centered and embodied we become the more we can tune into this amazing super power and the more each season comes to us with potent wisdom and guidance for preparing for what is to come.

So ...Today, the beginning of February, marks a shift in the wheel of the year.
 As well as an opportunity for each of us to make some personal shifts within ourselves, out of any stuck negative habit patterns that winter has shown us.

The light of the sun and our inner consciousness continues to grow, it must.
It just can't help but to do so!

 In Celtic traditions this time is considered the first cross quarter.
The time right in between winter solstice and spring equinox.
This cross quarter time is called Imbolc or candlemass.
It is a time when the low light of the end of winter casts long shadows physically and mediphorically in our lives.

- Are you feeling stuck in some of your shadowy self that's hard to look at.
- Have you been more reactive and agitated lately ?
- Your young self acting out?

I know it's hard and can be embarrassing. I've been there time and time again.
But please be gentle.
It is our humanity cycling around to outgrow another layer so we can grow more conscious and

The end of winter is a tough love friend. She keeps us stewing in our shadow to make sure we are real good and ready for the transformation of the new light and action of spring.

This is the time in the goddess tradition that the womb of winter is beginning to get full and tight inside. We are getting ready to be birthed out of winters womb.
It can be very uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming and yet a very exciting time of preparation
and healing.

Frog and bear are wonderful spirit helpers at this time who share their medicine of transformation. Frog emerging from the womb pond and bear emerging from the womb cave.  Waking slowing  into a new form of self and the call to action this new life calls for ! The new life of your  spring.

Many traditions honor this time of transition. The Native American traditions honor this time as a time of rest and cleansing. This is a way of preparing for springs busy  personal "birth".

- A good time for healing baths and gentle personal growth around your inner child and any unfinished emotional baggage rearing its head.

- A good time to have some last moments of stillness around a fire or just snuggled up in bed before
the quickening of spring.

- A great time for creating lists for the preparations needed to actualize the visions winters womb
brought you.

- A good time for starting some body cleansing. Add in a Green smoothly to your morning and start shifting out the heavier foods of winter. The earth is getting ready to rise up and so are you. Soon you will have a feeling of an extra boost of energy from the earth springing into new growth and will need less heavy food to orient.

- If your feeling motivated it is a great time to cleanse your liver.

The goddess energy  and archetype traditonally honored at this
time of year in the Celtic and European traditions is Bridit. She is a fire goddess of healing and motherhood as well as the arts.

She has known great pain and great perseverance.
She calls to the part of us that can rise up out of our  darkness, shadow and pain and keep going.
She is the spark of hope and light within us that knows we must carry on and will carry on.

She is the creative life force within that creates potent poetry from the pain and beauty of our lives.

She reminds us how to transform spirit, energy, feeling, emotion
into form... Birth.

She is the sister of midwifery. Holding the light of love and acceptance of all we are to inspire life to say YES to rebirth anew.

In the Hindu traditions February is also a time of new beginnings with Shivas feast day, called Shiva
, a major Hindu celebration in remembrance of dispelling the darkness and ignorance.

- What parts of your shadow are ready to be brought to the light of awareness?

- What do you need to heal and accept about yourself at this time?

- What are 3 ways you can prepare your body Or something in your life to be in better alignment for
the plans you have for this new cycle ahead?

Creative Rituals for Imbolc: 

- Stay in bed and dance!  Creative flow movement stretches in your bed each morning, a great way to drink in the last bits of winters cozy medicine and sooth your bodys's nervous system before the quickening of spring. Begin with a long  stretch and a yawn. Keep reaching and rolling through your sheets. Feel your body being massaged by the bed and sheets.
Keep flowing and reaching til you feel satiated.

- Write a poem of the feelings and challenges that have risen up this past winter so far. Begin with stream of consciousness then start arranging words and phrases into an inspired order.

Be kind and gentle with yourself as these last moments of winters womb prepares you for your rebirth. Be like the ground hog. Look at your shadow and be curious, letting it tell you where to go from here.

A big well of gratitude for my big sisters on the path, Willow Arlenea( she has a fabulous goddess  book on the wheel of the year to follow along with), Anastatia Nut, Lila Tresemer and Laurissa Vabuti, Ann Drucker, for your deep teachings and guidance on walking the wheel of the year and honoring the traditions of the quarters and cross quarters.

Blessed Imbolc

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