Women's March Denver Jan. 22, 2017

Did I really flap my arms like a chicken and jump around like a child In the middle of the Denver Women's March ? 

Oh yes - it's true -  I did. The holy fool took over. 

Filled with the spirit of freedom and possibility. 
I could hardly contain myself!  

It's true nothing can stop me from expressing my joy and my utter gratitude for being a free woman. 

The speakers were brilliant and more then ever I see our work together with restoring the feminine and opening our root / pelvic center to connect with the grid of earth light as so very important. 
One of the speakers shared about how not so long ago our culture was telling women they could not run, because their uterus would fall out.
I know that sounds funny but there is some real tragedy in that. 

The lack of understanding of a female body and the limitations it has conveniently created in our American culture is still to this day embedded in the psyche of women...a
 real problem for womens choices and options. 

 It is this kind of ignorance that perpetuates the voices inside women's  heads of fragility, and unworthiness without them even knowing it got in.

The truth is running does drop the uterus a bit but there are ways to support  your 

womb naturally and simply with the right bodily and energetic education. 

So ever more I am  committed to feminine embodiment and united sisterhood as a form of activism of our times. 

What has this new presidency and womens march inspired in you to commit more deeply to? 

Oh this is such a longer conversation but I will leave it at that for the sake of timing.
So please let the conversation continue in the comments below! 

In light of self care ... I will be going inward on retreat to Hawaii for the next month to deeply consider my next steps, while doing alot of writing and deepening my connection to my body and the earth. 

A time of much needed integration time with the mother. 

I will be posting in my Dance Journal ....

- Free Dance Journal 
I will be positing in my Dance Journal FB group, 
dancing from Hawaii if you would like to join me. 

- I will make time for 1 session a day. So any of you who want to do a weekly feminine embodiment coaching series, I have space for 5 of you. 

Coaching Series details are below my signature...

I would like to get all of my February sessions on the calendar by February 3rd, so please reach out this week to schedule. 

Keep being yourself, honoring your body and trusting the creative wisdom of your womb. 

I do believe you are the medicine our planet needs at this time.
I will keep you posted on my travels and my return.

- Coaching Series...

Bring HER back to life Series" :

a 4 week feminine embodiment coaching series.
Come be the holy fool with me. Free your body and your mind and see what is possible when you reach beyond your comfort zone ! 

Focus on 1 aspect of yourself you want to bring back to life. I will help you use the shamanic and yogic paths to make significant embodied head way and the clear next steps!

  I have space for 5 women who want to learn and implement these women's healing practices as they get busy with this new year of activism! 

Each woman gets : 
4 private live video sessions - ( a weekly coaching / practice video call, You can choose to have a shamanic Journey session for one of these sessions.) 

Video practices I will make for you from my Hawaii retreat. 
Assignments and journaling worksheets 
Closing group call 
Group Q and A access

The cost is $595 can be paid in one lump sum, 4 weekly payments of $125 or 3 money payments of $200

Themes women in the past have worked with. 
( awakening the libido, increasing sexual pleasure, getting creativity activated and acted on, healing and embodying the root center, Womb connection, creating personal rituals, healing period pain, releasing doubt and shame, Loving yourself, building confidence, eating healthier, creating a daily yoga and sacred healing dance practice, getting in your body.) 

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