Dance home to peace, power and pleasure ...

W.O.M.B. Dance On Line Program: 
Women Opening through Movement and breath
 Sacred feminine practice series.

We meet for 21 days in your in box with daily videos, journal practices and rituals. Learn all about the power of your womb center and how to enjoy your female body and bring your feminine essence back to life!

Learn timeless women's " belly dance" practices, new movement patters and yoga asana to help balance and nourish your female organs. Short, simple and doable for the modern woman to integrate into her life.

In addition :
- We meet for 3 live video talks each Sunday of the program.
- You will receive worksheets and charts along the way
- We have a private FB group to keep the conversations going- Bonus day program goodie bag with free treats to support your personal growth practice to thrive.

A homecoming to your body and sexuality...
Daily practice and inspiration for 21 days in your in box.
Fall 2016!
We begin on the November 24.

A reclamation of your power and inner peace.
A remembering of how sacred your female body is.
A daily practice of opening your receptivity to deeper pleasure and love.

No one will respect and honor women in our world if we the women can not first learn to
honor and respect our own sacred bodies and the power, pleasure and wisdom they yield.

21 days of women's sacred practice.

A way to heal and celebrate.
A way to support our planet in embracing the wild divine intelligence of the feminine.

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  1. These fit me perfectly (I am 5'3" 110lbs and ordered xs) they are not tight nor loose nor see thru!! YAY! I do Hot Yoga but these stylish workout clothes always keep my cool even though they are not super thin material. It is like magic material it doesn't stick to me nor is it too hot it is just PERFECTION!


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