Whats Next for Fall 2016 ?

Fall 2016 I am offering 2 programs to keep the flame of our feminine restoration alive! 

How do we keep ourselves inspired, juicy and healthy amidst the chaos and exhaustion? Well I have some ideas! And I am real excited to share them with you! 

Seasonal practice and support : 

Feminine Restoration: 
New Moon Fall Practice

A 3 month circling and self care practice. 

-Three 5 hour Nourishing self care and seasonal ritual gatherings
- Three Full moon support calls 
- Monthly play sheets with practices and recipes for the month. 
- Private Face book group
- Discounts on private mentoring sessions

Global On-Line Self Care and Sisterhood Practice

21 Day Daily support through the holiday season. 
On - Line and live video. 
Yes! We will learn about how to do yoni steams at home and yoga to balance your hormones and learn healing movement practices that energize you in less then 5 minutes!

Your body, libido and sacred womb center will thank you for years to come. This is the holiday gift that keeps giving! xo
WOMB DANCE Holiday Support 

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