The world awaits... feminine restoration begins with you

Empowered Women will save our world. 
It is happening. Women are waking up to know their power and sacredness of their own bodies and in sisterhood.
The ripples from thousands of years of women holding their ground, tending to each other and having faith in the power of the feminine is now a solid root system that so much grow is rising up from.

The fruits are abundant and we need to stick together to harvest and create the feast our new world will be nourished by. 

If you are too busy to know or trust your feminine self. If you have not made time for self care and the idea of loving who you are, your body and your unique weave of spirit and emotion then please hear this... You were born into a female body at this time to heal the planet. All women are called to join in this great moment of transformation on our planet for the good of all. It begins with you honoring and healing your own female body and sacred power.

I am here to get you started on your path to power, peace and pleasure. A path of feminine restoration for yourself and the planet. 

Through 3 powerful doorways... 
- Womb Wisdom Activation
- Sisterhood practice 
- Sacred Dance

 I am available to support you in personal empowerment, igniting the wild woman and divine goddess within, healing shame and sexual wounding, and womens leadership mentoring through :

- One on one video council
- On- line programing  
- guest speaking and teaching in your circles and conferences. 

Below are some videos that are sure to get you inspired to step on your path of feminine empowerment! The world awaits...

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