Womens Tent is sponsoring a Womens Summer Dance Retreat!

Spirit Dancer Retreat July 28 - July 31

We are so excited. Its going to be amazing. A powerful weave of technique and free form dance to relax, tone, balance and inspire!

The Early Bird Sun Dance Solstice Special ends this Friday!

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  1. Semoo Traveling Tent from Bizarkdeal

    Once the tent was up, it looked great! My boyfriend is 6'2",, he was able to fit in here along with me, a little sideways, but we were able to fit pretty comfortably. For one night I would bring my niece along and let her sleep with us (she's only 5), but for more time, I would have to give her, her own little tent and connect it with ours somehow.

    Overall, from what I can tell so far, this is a good quality tent, material seems strong, and looks nice when all together!


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