International Womens Day

Tuesday is International Womens Day ! 

In honor of  our feminine feast day let us feast on the most potent nourishment to a womans body and life... sisterhood and dance !

Join me Tues for 2 FREE Events I am offering: 

1 / 
FREE Global Call to kick off the day: 
 5 ways to Rewild your Soul and Celebrate YOU !

10 am MST / your phone

Register here:

1 hour womens phone gathering to inspire and build confidence!


FREE Local CLASS:  Empowerment Earth Dance Ritual 

12- 1:30 Tuesday in  Boulder Co
Scott Carpenter Park on the hill

Woman + Earth + Intentions + Movement + Voice + Truth =  Empowerment

You will discover new things about yourself, new tools to empower your body and your voice and make some new connections with the earth and other women. 

*All women are welcome. In the wittness and connection of a whole community of women dancing and sharing a great service to the planet is created.

Led by Womens Healing Arts Coach and Movement Educator
Ixeeya Lin


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I am looking forward to hearing your response !


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.