There is nothing wrong with you.

3 ways to love yourself  
Enjoy your V-day! 

#1 Honor New Moon

There is nothing wrong with you.

Its new moon. Time for reflection and self care. It is an inward time.

Over the years with working with woman I have seen woman time

 and time again mistake the internal invitation of the new moon as something being terribly wrong with them.

Nope... its perfectly normal to feel like slowing down at the new moon, feel a lil more tired or inward or even doubtful or invisible.

I made a lil audio with some visuals to inspire a 10 minute self care 

break to remind yourself that you are indeed a human made up of 97% 

water and the moon does have effect on the waters of the earth!

Take a short movement meditation break to take time to reconnect 

with your body, slow down, shift negative energy and set intentions 

for the month to come! Its FREE! 

Blessed New Moon !
 ( We will gather in Boulder on March 6 for our 
Opening New Moon sisterhood! All women are welcome!)

#2 Learn and practice 

How to take care of your female body

Details and Registration CLICK BELOW: 

Learn all about your female body and cycles. 
Learn practices that will help you stay open, radiant and healthy! 

Yoga - Dance - Meditation - Womb Healing - Cycle Charting - 
Anatomy of Pleasure. 

Sign up for my 21 Day On-Line Women's Practice! 
A great start to enjoying your female body!  A great personal V- Day Gift! 
You deserve it! 
Send me a Love letter and get 25% off! 

# 3 Share the love. 
Sharing what you love always makes the feel good feelings grow and multiply! 
Make her day : Send a woman in your life a Women's Tent Gift 

Certificate for V-day! Here it is - Print it right NOW and pay when 
she walks in the door. 

Taster Session Trial $55/30 min
1 hr/ $110
Full Session 90 min / $155 
2hr / $200

With each gift certificate you purchase you receive 
Yin currency back. $10 per gift certificate. 
Sister love just keeps growing! 

May your Valentines Day be a day of sweet gentle, wild, joyful, chocolate love! 

PS. Save the dates. 
W.O.M.B. Dance Spring practices are on the way... 
April 30 - May 1 The Orgasmic Woman ! 
Save your space ASAP. Space is limited. 
-Fire ceremony
-Sensual Dance
-Erotic rope play( you can do on yourself to stimulate endorphins) 
-Womb Clearing 
-Tantric practice. 


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