Fear of the Smear?

Are you a lil nervous about going and getting a Pap smear? Are you avoiding it? Not for any particular reason but keeps not getting done? Do you feel traumatized every time you go get a pap smear?

Well dear sister you are not alone. That is why I am writing about this! 

 I am so invested in your health because I really believe in you and how you are here to unfold into your fullness for the good of the planet and all of human kind! 

Yes you are that important! 

I am an alternative healer but I do very much think that modern medicine has some very important ways of supporting a woman's health. ( yes they have some blind spots with looking through one particular lens, but that is why we have all kinds of healing modalities now to weave together to get the whole picture! ) 

The Pap Smear test is a really important way for you to hear your body's cry out for help.

Here let me explain... 

First lets just make sure we are all clear about what a Papp Smear is. 

So First  A Pap smear (some times called a Pap test) is testing for precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens at the top of the vagina. Cells are scraped from the opening of the cervix with a long q- tip type thing. The cells they smear off your cervix are examined under a microscope. 

This is the technical definition of what a pap smear is. I personally want to add that when we get a pap smear we are taking care of ourselves. We are saying we are valuable and our bodies are wise and worth listening to. 

So I encourage you to get your annual pap with this attitude. If its scary or traumatizing or dreadfully uncomfortable bring a friend. If your girl friends are squeemish and don't like that kind of thing - call me- I will go with you or help you find a pap smear buddy. 

So dear sister remember pap smears come back negative for all kinds of reasons. 

I want to encourage you to take the test but not to engage in the fear and drama that the medical industry can create. 

I want you to remember that what ever happens it is a way for you to listen to the deep center of your female body.

There are many things we can do to help work with what the pap finds. 

Much of the time the cell growth or imbalanced ph in your system is a sign of a need for a life style change with your body, diet and/or sexual practices. 

Or a warning sign that it is time to work our some old sexual trauma. 

I have seen shamanic healing, womb massage, yoni steams and the WOMB Dance practices shift the readings of an abnormal pap. And that is just a few options there are alot of other options too!

So dont let the fear of the smear keep you from getting the test to listen and love your body. If it comes back abnormal, you have options! 

So here are some lil factoids that are good to know about the pap to just be educated and dispel any fear or resistance.  They will help you know how to prepare and what to expect...

 10 things to know about the Pap: 

1 - Detecting Abnormal Cells: Paps help detect irregular cells on your cervix before it turns into cancer. 
If you get a call back for an abnormal pap it does not mean you have cancer. 

2 - The Pill and the Pap: There are different kinds of Pap smear tests some are sensitive to the pill.Some birth control pills that contain estrogen or progestin may affect test results. 

3 - Not 100%: A normal result means there are no abnormal cells present.  Pap Smears are not 100% accurate. Cervical cancer may be missed in a small number of cases. The good news is that cervical cancer develops very slowly, so having regular testing can catch it if it got overlooked on a previous test and still give you time to heal it. Getting tested anywhere from 1- 3 years. If you are more sexually active with multiple partners best to get tested more frequent. Every 1-2 years. 

4- Avoid: Do not douche, have intercourse or use tampons  24 hours before testing. It can make the test inaccurate. 

5- Not when bleeding: Avoid scheduling your Pap test while you have your period (are menstruating). Blood may make the Pap test results less accurate. 

6. Leave your VJJ alone: After your Pap. Leave your Vagina alone! Let her be in her natural state to recover. No intercourse or tampons or anything inside you. Just let her be. 

7. Discomfort is normal: They will tell you it is not painful. But is can be very uncomfortable and feel like a little pinch or ache. Good to know and practice relaxing through it with deep breaths.

8. Acknowledge your body: Because your body is intelligent she may resist the procedure because the clinical procedure is very un natural. So honor your bodies intelligence by acknowledging your bodies resistance then  let her know it will be quick and it is a loving self care of prevention and it will be over very soon. Breathing deep helps if your body is terribly uncomfortable. 

9. Warm them up !  You have every right and permission to ask the doctor to warm up those metal duck lips they put inside you to open up your vagina. The body can cramp or resist the procedure if there is cold metal involved! 

10. Paps can activate trauma: If you have been raped or sexually violated Paps can stir up feelings and emotions. It would be totally normal to have some tears during the procedure. 
I still cry every time I get a pap. Its ok now I know the tears are going to part of it so I prepare myself and take the day off to integrate. Remember it is totally ok to invite a friend to be with you and to take time after the test to take a nap or journal or treat yourself to lunch or something relaxing and nourishing to integrate the experience. Take time to plan so you are taken care of in the best way for your body and emotional well being. 

OK so there we have it ladies ! 
Get your Pap Smears and while your at it your STD testing too!  Real important to stay up on all this ! You can usually do it all at the same time. 

When we catch things early there are all kinds of options! 
We love options don't we ladies ! 

If you have an abnormal pap... I encourage you to see it as a message from your body to take some new action steps in exploring self care and checking in with your body and your sexual practices. 

Your doctor will recommend you go in for a retest in a few months. Do follow up but in the mean time there are a variety of things you can do to balance the PH and get healthy circulation happening to initiate deep healing and even possibly change the read of the test! 

You see when the womb is out of place the cervix shifts too and this shift can create a change in your PH and create a lack of circulation and some build up that can make the paps abnormal.

 If your pap is abnormal from this particular reason then we can help the womb center and balance the PH with herbs, circulation and energy healing.

 This kind of spiritual support and healing over time can also sometimes clear away cancer cells and cysts. These ailments are often due to stagnant energy and toxicity in the body that are calling out for circulation and purification of energies and stories as well as environmental toxins. 

Your Health is important to me! 
I want to help restore the feminine on our planet because I believe it will create the balance we need to all come into our wholeness and be able to heal our planet.

 It is feeling more urgent then ever. The Feminine is healing and rising one woman at a time. 
Do not underestimate your role as a human in a female body at this moment in history! 

Peace, Love and Pap smears! 

Cheers sister ! 

Ixeeya Lin 

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  1. Maybe if you get a good doctor you don't get traumatized for life, but no one cares whether you end up with a good doctor or not, since a bad doctor who causes you to bleed and hurt more than when you got your wisdom teeth removed and breaks your hymen because she uses a speculum too big for a virgin and has no idea what she's doing would never be held accountable. I went in for my first appointment to an adult doctor at 22 without knowing that a pap smear involved going inside me. I'd lived my entire life watching my brother have freedoms that I didn't because some man could enter my body without my permission and I could end up wanting to kill myself after that. But it's perfectly acceptable for a doctor to enter my body without my permission, and if I want to kill myself after that I should just "grow up and stop being prude?" Am I supposed to care about having control over my body and avoiding the worst pain imaginable or am I supposed to just lie there and take it to avoid the .6% chance that I could have cervical cancer? I don't get it.


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