Register Here for the January /February WOMB Dances

Kick of 2016  in the sacred sanctuary 
of W.O.M.B. Dance.

W.O.M.B. Dance Programs January and February.

Calling all Women! 

Come start off the new year WOMB DAncing with us! 

What is WOMB Dance? 

WOMB Dance workshops and series are a variety of practices of womens global dance, asana womb healing arts and women's ritual sharing woven together to create a complete holistic embodiment practice. 
The practices are centered around your womb center to help you learn to move with mindfulness and empowerment from your root and womb wisdom. 
Our womb is our female center, as we open and circulate our womb center our body, mind, voice, creativity and intuition opens up. 
Our sexual vital life force freed up to bring healing energy to our whole body . 
Womb dance is for sure some good exercise but it is more than that.
 It is introducing you to ways to live with more vital connection to the female center of your body at every age. 
Tending to our womb can aid in healing digestion, headaches, cramps, cysts, hormonal balance, brainfog, fertility and low back pain.

What does a class look like? 
A flow from .... 
Free form guided movement meditations
Womb nourishing Yoga asana
Technique practice (belly dance, tribal and temple dance forms) 
Hand Mudra practice 
Closing with Womans Ritual Sharing ( verbal reflection and simple community dance ritual and sounding)
During longer workshops we go into journaling and witnessing practices.  

We dance alone and we dance together. 
Our dance is a healing force of nature. 

Dance home to self love. 
Dance to awaken your sexual life force and feminine essence. 
Dance to restore the feminine on our planet.
Dance to return to your WOMB Wisdom, a vital piece of our planetary balance.

A New Year Dance Retreat that will leave you feeling sexy, empowered and energized!

- Sat. January 16

Denver Intro. 2- 5 pm / $40 
Dancing the Soul Studio

- Sun. January 17

Boulder Full day 9:30 - 5pm / $108

Free Motion Studio - down town Boulder

- Full Weekend $140

This weekend we will kick off our year of womens tent gathering together please be there to be part of the conversation and the co-creation! 

- On - Line 21 Day Practice  $80

Begins on Valentines Day February 14 
Practice every day with us to integrate your Womb Wisdom 
into your new year and visions! 

Limited Space. Claim your space today.

* Open to all women across the globe ready to step into sacred feminine practice together as an act of personal growth and global healing.

Are you ready to believe that you matter? Are you ready to believe that we together can bring a whole lot of beauty, abundance and positivity to 2016.

! Your comments and visions for 2016 are most welcomed below. 



Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.