Wise Womans Pleasure Picnic

This is the week of the wise woman within. Our new moon is dedicated to tuning into her and letting her run the show for the rest of the fall! 

Well the other day my wise woman guided me to get sexy in the kitchen and it was a blast... 

Sometimes there are those days I get so turned on when I cook. I know some of you who have to cook for your kids every day might be rolling your eyes in discuss. 
 But I dont feel great about it every day either! 

But today I did.  And Ill be damned if Im not going to celebrate the heck out of that.  Cooking for yourself day in and day out can be quite uninspiring too. 

So the days that you wake up with the cooking bug you just have to go for it ladies. 
Do it up! Have fun. 
Get creative. No recipes! Just listen to the wise woman within! 

My guess is it will be right around mid cycle and ovulation! 

A lil dose of pleasure and fun in the kitchen goes a long way! 

So Check it out. My pretty food!

Those days when cooking is relaxing, heart opening and sexy ! 

I did my womb dance practices- hip swirls and shimmies, I sang and prayed into the food and then the finishing touches, always my most favorite ... The sensual creative arrangement... 

Then I took this food out on a picnic!

I was ecstatically grateful to have had a gorgeous day and beautiful man to share this food with.
One of those days when you just sit and share the simple sensual joys of living. 

Good food, earth time and gentle touch, inspired conversation, sweet eye gazes and an occasional burst of wild delight after a bite of - liver- ( I know liver is suppose to be yucky ! ? But some how it's not when u Carmelize leaks and rub her down with juniper berries and sea salt! Raw cheese lime pear/ homemade chocolate...

Peeking out of my grieving shell( my father died a month ago) . 

Had a good cry on the way home but a yummy day salty tears and all.
Felt nourished on all levels.

I do suggest allowing the wise woman within to take her pause and have her fun in the kitchen! 

Put some sexy love into your food and head out to the earth to feed your soul before it gets too cold. 

I promise you when you ride those wild, creative, sexy, impulses of that wise woman within in the kitchen it does something to you. It opens your heart and shifts the funk of kitchen witch blues. 

 Still going strong this week cooking up a creative storm. Here is the food inspiration for your fall picnic! 

Precious Pear: thin but crispy slices of pear stacked with avocado, raw cheese, sprinkle of dill, olive oil sea salt pepper and a splash of lemon juice! 

Liver Love : Antelope Liver ( you can use any liver) Chop up leeks with some olive oil on medium heat. Rub the liver down with sea salt and juniper berry powder( I made this out of juniper berries) chopped up parsely. Get pan hot and Chop up liver to put in the pan with the leeks once leeks are cooked down a but. I like searing the outside of the liver and letting the center stay a lil soft. Cook to our liking. 

Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad : white breast meat diced up, add olive oil and herbal vinegar. Chop up some cilantro and cucumber to your liking and squeeze in a good amount of lime to taste. Plenty of sea salt and pepper.

Fried cheezy tomatoes: Olive oil your pan. Slice up your Tomatoes. Place each one on the pan and stack a sliced of cheese and a slice fresh pepper. I really liked the lil red ones! Dont let them cook too long they will get real mushy. 

Cubed Beets : Cube your beet and steam it til soft. Add some butter, Lime, and dill on them with salt.  

Rustic Millet Spelt Loaf: I did n0t make this but it was awesome for dunking into the ...

Sweet potatoe, olive oil mash : Cook and mash your sweet potato, add lots of olive oil, butter, chop and add the spices you like. Consistency should be like whipped butter.

Chocolat Bliss: Heat the Raw unsweetened dark chocolate down in a double boiler, Slowly add coconut oil, cocobutter, maca, rose essence, osha honey, coconut sugar sprinkled with coarse sea salt, and crushed almond bits. Pour on a lil paper plate and put in fridge. It will peal right off. So yumm! 

Have fun with this ...add your own delights ! 
May the sexy force of super YUMMM be with you sister... in the kitchen and everywhere! 💋H


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.