Our sexuality is a precious garden of delights

Over a decade ago now I remember sitting with a dear friend watching a movie on female ejaculation. She was having a hard time in her relationship because everytime she had sex she was "peeing" Her boy friend was getting really discusted and upset.
She asked me about this and I shared with her what I had heard about female ejaculation and my personal experience with it.
She is one of those very scholarly gals. Gets right to the bottom of things ! That night we delighted in the instructional videos about womens anatomy, the pelvic floor and our G-spot. We got all kinds of details !
I watched her shame and frustration turn to delight and pride. Later in the week I asked about her boyfriend.
He also turned his tune around, from disgust to pride!
A big ah ha went off in my head - I was so psyched for them that they found reconnection simply through us educating ourselves and being willing to have these conversations.
There it began my personal mission to support women's stories out of shame and into empowerment and healing.

The G-spot, the Womb, the Vagina, the Pelvic floor muscles, our life cycle changes, cultural norms, violation, understanding our hormones and libido and our emotional sensual, spiritual weave that makes women so different from men... All conversations that tend to not be real popular. So we sit in the dark and get mixed messages while our bodies slowly shut down and cut off feeling and flow til eventually problems with our cycles and sexual frustration and pain starts knocking.
My friend and her boyfriend's situation could have turned out real different had she cut it off with him and wilted in shame and tried to stop "peeing " when having sex!
Our sexual journey as women is not discovered or achieved by a pill or a spot or any other one thing. It is about staying relational with this part of ourselves . Tending to the weave of our wholeness, the circulation of lifeforce through our whole body and how that shifts and evolves through each life cycle.

Our sexuality is a precious garden of delights that offers us new harvests of peace and power through the seasons of our lives.
I believe womens sexuality is yes meant to be pleasurable, juicy and ecstatic for sure and we need to keep learning about how to open in these ways with out pressure and shame but more than that I believe the balance and deep relationship a woman cultivates to her ever evolving sexual self keeps a precious balance within her life, her partnerships and our planet.

In my Pelvic Peace and Power Workshop this November 6-8 http://www.womenstent.org/p/ojai-weekend.html Im going to help you embrace your sexuality as a journey and help you circulate energy through your pelvic floor to find new door ways to your emotional sensual sexual intelligence.

A time to slow down, honor and open through the stories of your womanhood.
In this there is great healing, peace and ecstatic full body sexual satisfaction.
In this we become radiant feminine presence.

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